About Free the People

Free the People’s goal is to get ahead of politics, and engage in the cultural exchange that will set the political agenda for the next 50 years. We want to set the conversation, instead of settling for rhetorical scraps tossed to us by the political class. We want to make the community for liberty a cool thing. Using cutting-edge technology and storytelling, we’re building a grassroots constituency that can translate good ideas into education, conversation, and social activism. This community influences culture and public opinion, and drives boots-on-the-ground social change from the bottom up.

We defend free speech online, the right to bear arms, and privacy from government cyber-snooping, all with equal passion. We fight government cronyism and go after big businesses that game the system at the expense of consumers and competitors. Our shared values, like equal treatment under the law and innocent until proven guilty, animate fights for justice reform, and against federal mandatory minimum sentences and civil asset forfeiture. Most importantly, we defend free choice in everything from drug policy, to healthcare and retirement, to every aspect of the sharing economy.

Good ideas and social organization can best the most vested of special interests and the most powerful governments. If you want to disrupt the status quo, look in the mirror. You are the change.

Meet the Team

Matt Kibbe
President and Chief Community Organizer
Terry Kibbe
Chief Executive Officer
Kara Pally
Chief Technology Officer
Matt Battaglia
Executive Producer
Logan Albright
Head Writer and Sound Engineer
Sam Martin
Creative Director
Trey Lowell
Director of Photography
Meghan Garofolo
Executive Assistant
Joel Davis
Social Media Coordinator