Sara Higdon

Sara Higdon is the Digital Marketing Manager at Free the People. She is a content creator who has built an impressive platform for herself across social media fighting on the side of liberty. She is the host of the TRANSform To Freedom podcast where she discusses news of the day, and she has become one of the go-to voices on transgender issues in the Liberty and Conservative movements.

Before joining Free the People, Sara was a staff writer for The Post Millennial and Human Events. She also participates in speaking events across the country to promote liberty values.

Between 2010-2017, Sara served as a Logistics Officer in the United States Army. It was there that she saw firsthand the hazards of war and how the Military Industrial Complex and politicians lie to keep us in a constant state of conflict and money flowing into their pockets. Since then, Sara has become an outspoken voice to bring our soldiers home and to stop funding proxy wars around the globe.

Sara has a B.S. in Business from Central Michigan University with a double major in Logistics Management and Marketing, and she is the recipient of a Bronze Star Medal. Sara lives in Atlanta, GA, and when not working, she is either at the gym or hanging out with her dog, Stella.

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