Matt Battaglia

Matt Battaglia is the Executive Producer at Free the People. Matt has been working in creative fields for over a decade. He has worked in politics, advertising, comics, and news media. Some of the films and series he has produced at Free the People are Off the Grid with Thomas Massie, All We Have, How to Love Your Enemy, and The Constitution Line by Line with Senator Mike Lee.

Matt does all of the artwork and the bulk of the graphics for Free the People’s videos. Matt also draws comics. A sampling of his work can be found in Free the People’s Fight the Power: Comics Magazine and his latest book, Ghosts of the Carousel.

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House on Fire

House on Fire follows a desperate husband spiral through a new modern nightmare as he seeks treatment for his ailing wife. House on Fire has been called the first piece of fiction to process the ramifications of the pandemic.


In the name of national security, the US government is enshrining all the failed policies from the past.

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