Off the Grid with Thomas Massie

Winner of Anthem Film Festival’s highly-coveted Audience Choice Award. Off the Grid with Thomas Massie is an intimate look at a congressman’s quest for a self-sustainable life on his farm in eastern Kentucky. “My philosophy is live and let live: You don’t worry about what somebody’s doing in their holler, as long as they don’t worry about what you’re doing in your holler.”

Off the Grid with Thomas Massie is also available to watch for free on Amazon Prime Video: http://a.co/d/eEWFRGm

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Matt Kibbe

Matt Kibbe is President at Free the People, an educational foundation using video storytelling to turn on the next generation to the values of personal liberty and peaceful cooperation. He is also co-founder and partner at Fight the Power Productions, a video and strategic communications company. Kibbe is the host of BlazeTV’s Kibbe on Liberty, a popular podcast that insists that you think for yourself.

Dubbed “the scribe” by the New York Daily News, Kibbe is the author three books, most recently the #2 New York Times bestseller Don’t Hurt People and Don’t Take Their Stuff: A Libertarian Manifesto.

He was senior advisor for a Rand Paul Presidential Super PAC in 2016, and later co-founded AlternativePAC to promote libertarian values.

In 2004 Kibbe founded FreedomWorks, a national grassroots advocacy organization, and served as President until his departure in 2015. Steve Forbes said: “Kibbe has been to FreedomWorks what Steve Jobs was to Apple.”

An economist by training, Kibbe did graduate work at George Mason University and received his B.A. from Grove City College. He serves at the whim of his awesome wife Terry, and their three objectivist cats, Roark, Ragnar and Rearden. Kibbe is a fanatical DeadHead, drinker of craft beer and whisky, and collector of obscure books on Austrian economics.

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  • Absolutely loved Rep. Massies off the grid video and also enjoyed watching him on the educational Swamp documentary episodes.

    If it were not for the Swamp episodes, I would have never visited Rep. Massies twitter feed.
    I would have never viewed this website unless I viewed Rep. Massie off the grid video on youtube produced by Free the People.

    Future Civil war talk on todays forums and blogs is heating up. There are so many preppers on the web that could benefit from Rep. Massies off the grid video. Why are you not posting the videos in blogs, forums around the web so that it can spread like a wild fire to gain attention? You will be able to connect to Americans who are spreading a great amount of news on their forums, websites, blogs, facebook and twitter feeds to get the word out.

    There is one thing the Conservatives are not good at and that is communication. I can understand why some Conservative websites don’t allow comments. And I can also understand why some Conservative sites want you to pay a subscription fee in order to view their daily political, constitution videos. Unfortunately those actions restrict viewers from participating, becoming well informed and stops them from spreading the word.

    I am no writer because I hated and failed English in my school years. I am more of a amateur researcher spending many years, collecting articles, opinions, posting historical information on the Constitution, current Constitution legislation news at the national, state level and legal state court cases challenging the over reaching Central government.

    My main topic of discussion on the old Tea Party Patriots forum had collected over 56 thousand viewers, 2000+ current state news articles, original historic facts and comments who then passed along my information to post on their forum, blogs and news websites. The discussion was called “It’s the States Stupid”. Once the Tea Party Patriots closed their forum down in December of 2015 my job was over. I still wonder why the Tea Party Patriots has not come to the conclusion the Central government won’t fix what they have destroyed. JennyBeth seems to have forgotten, along with many others, we still have 50 Sovereign States with their own Bill of Rights and Constitutions.

    I am not promoting State Secession in any way but will post this very short 16 page, 1862 HathiTrust book to show the Civil War was started to preserve State Sovereignty.
    Attention Rep. Thomas Massie … Excellent food for thought …
    The Political Right of Secession: A Reserved Power Under the Constitution
    “Your rights end where mine begins”
    Civil Rights? What ever happened to the Ninth Amendment? In one of his written documents Raoul Berger stated there were over 1,200 Ninth amendment court cases. I am unable to search for those court cases because you need to subscribe (expensive) to the legal websites.
    HathiTrust and many colleges have historical documents on the States that the average public is not able to view.
    HathiTrust Why do they fear the Ninth Amendment? …
    The forgotten Ninth amendment; a call for legislative and judicial … Patterson, Bennett B., 1899- https://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=mdp.39015050645186;view=1up;seq=9
    One last thought. I have been reading Daniel Horowitz (Conservative Review) opinions for years. Highly respect the man and his opinion. Why doesn’t he have his own website that posts nothing but Original Constitution news and opinions. His weekly opinion on CR gets lost in the daily political news reported on the site. imo
    Another Original Constitutionalist professor I follow is Dr. Harold Pease.
    You can read his weekly opinion at Liberty Under Fire | Dr. Harold W. Pease
    Keep up the good work on this site. Start passing it around the web like no tomorrow!
    Have a good one!

  • There is a higher level truth, the money power, and you have missed that in your video. It is not the government that is controlling people, it is the money power that is controlling the government. There are lobbyist, who are paid and hired by businessmen they control government regulators, senators, congressmen. They us the carrot and stick policies. We are not free, our elected representatives are not free, governments are not free. Only central bank (CB) is free, which is the source of money power. We do not have secret ballot at our capitols. No secret ballot means no democracy.

    You cannot live off the grid, because the power companies will go bankrupt, if people begin to do that. Only moneyless economy (MLE) can make us free. Take a look at the MLE chapter in the free book on soul theory at the blog site https://theoryofsouls.wordpress.com/

    • No thanks. Thomas Massie did not object to the coup d’etat that very likely ended the Republic. I donated to him. Never Again.

  • […] Massie, on the other hand, describes his discovery of liberty differently. He went to MIT and was trained in technological engineering. Suffice it to say, he was not political and really didn’t have much interest in politics. But politics found him when his local town wanted to extend their city-limits to include his farm and he fought back. There are many regulations that are enforced on homes within city-limits. Of course, it varies from town to town, but it is understandable why an owner of a farm would not want to be in the city-limits. […]

  • […] Massie, on the other hand, describes his discovery of liberty differently. He went to MIT and was trained in technological engineering. Suffice it to say, he was not political and really didn’t have much interest in politics. But politics found him when his local town wanted to extend their city-limits to include his farm and he fought back. There are many regulations that are enforced on homes within city-limits. Of course, it varies from town to town, but it is understandable why an owner of a farm would not want to be in the city-limits. […]

  • I donated to Thomas Massie several times. DID MASSIE OBJECT? If not, he’s as dead to me as Tom McClintock, Rand Paul and all the other prissy hand-wringing Marquis of Queensberrys and corrupt treasonous RINOs, who betrayed us, who passive-aggressively facilitated a progressive series of stolen elections that has probably ended the Republic.

    Corrupt traitors, cowards & fools in our own command post are far more destructive than the open enemy outside the wire. And the most destructive of all are the LoLibertarians: Deluge immigration = de facto globalism & immigration-socialism; mass wealth redistribution, both direct & indirect, immediate & progressive, public & private; theft & dilution of the natural born citizen’s voting control.

    For the NeverTrumps hated him so much they signed a suicide pact. They got what they wanted, but tried to have their cake & eat it too, as if facilitating a presidential coup would sate the Dems’ thirst for perma-control without demoralizing & disgusting the America-First base, many of whom have already publicly renounced the ‘Republican’ Party.

    Legislatures of the stolen states could’ve stopped the steal, without corrupt executive permission. But they hid behind cowardly specious arguments & did NOTHING, demoralized the USA-1st base, ran the GA runoff on unchanged vote fraud systems. Then ‘Christian‘ Pence, with his fellow jolly quislings, prisses & cowards in congress, finished off the Republic. Yet they’re already suckering chumps to “stay angry” & “register more Republicans” and above all throw more cash at them because “we need to secure the elections in all 50 [52] states”. Even if we trust them to try (they had decades to do something, ANYTHING about the fraud in D & swing states) they can only secure elections in SOME “R” states – Dems will never allow it in their states – and Trump’s 3 cowardly prissy legal priest “Federalist” Society picks will keep using lame excuses to DO NOTHING to stop serial coups. So R states would play by even stricter rules while commie-Dems keep stealing & locking down the transformation.

    And now we have a federal junta. I’m not the only one sick of Rs blaming everything on Ds while ignoring & excusing traitors, cowards & fools in our own tent. Many are now waking up – too late – those who didn’t want to hear it, even those who trashed messengers that tried to warn them for decades.

  • If the local governing authority wants to expand their authority to forcefully include ‘your’ homestead, can you object or ‘resist’ the spread of offsite authority-? If those folks want to come to your ‘hollow’ to re-educate you to your personal shortcomings, what can a person do-?

    If your hollow is in sight of the spreading ideology of the political oligarchy, you may want to know what the growing power center G-men want from you. Maybe they are interested in changing your views to accord with their own. Maybe your beliefs are all wrong according to those in the know.

  • The final scene is marred by chem trails. Sad, otherwise fabulous, wish all the politicians that were elected to serve the people displayed just half of the humility that came through from Thomas.

  • […] And because he was willing to tell his story to us in Free the People’s award-winning documentary Off the Grid with Thomas Massie. That film has been slowly building steam online since we released it in 2018, becoming, according […]

  • […] the way, this is the same award given to our first completed film, Off the Grid with Thomas Massie, all the way back in 2018, which was recently featured in a long New York Times think […]

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