Six Years Straight

Continuing an unbroken six-year winning streak, our documentary Everyone is Welcome won Best Libertarian Ideals at this year’s Anthem Film Festival, part of FreedomFest. That’s worth repeating: Free the People’s latest film stood out among every other competitor—best in show—for conveying the simple, yet profound values of liberty.

This latest award is particularly meaningful to me for two reasons. First, it shows that while we continue to focus on improving our technical and artistic approach towards filmmaking, we haven’t lost our commitment to reaching an ever-broader audience with our ideals.

By the way, this is the same award given to our first completed film, Off the Grid with Thomas Massie, all the way back in 2018, which was recently featured in a long New York Times think piece.

The second reason that Free the People’s winning streak is especially important this year is that the competition at Anthem gets fiercer every year. When we first started making documentaries based on liberty themes, there were few others attempting the same thing. You probably remember the days of an exclusive focus on endless white papers and boring lectures that, at best, preached to the choir. Those days are long gone. In fact, we are doing our part to grow the storytelling and filmmaking skills of other organizations in our movement through a series of training events sponsored by Free the People. Because we know that real social change must start with popular culture, we celebrate these expanded efforts by others in our movement. There’s plenty of work to be done!

That said, we’re definitely not tired of winning yet!

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Terry Kibbe

Terry Kibbe is Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Free the People.

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