Voters and Politicians, Vote for the Best Future

Good boundaries are simple. Put their power to use.

In every jurisdiction, and no matter which party is supposedly in control, Democrats nearly always are joined by many Republicans to enact tyrannical, inflationary spending and regulation. Perversely, incumbents nearly always get reelected.

We’re headed in a bad direction. We must turn and head in a good direction.

Voters, Seek Current-Term Freedom Index ≥80%

Voters need to recognize that the worst evil is a Republican who’s bad. If a Republican region’s voters elect a Democrat, he will only plague them until the term ends. If they elect a Republican who’s bad, he will plague them from then on.

There’s a simple remedy: in primaries, vote for the most-constitutionalist Republican; in general elections, vote for the most-constitutionalist candidate from any party.

On national or state legislators, consider incumbents’ New American Freedom Index in their current term in office or else their most recent term. A Republican who’s worth electing will earn a record that’s the mirror image of a Democrat’s record—the Republican will have voted for freedom at least 4 out of every 5 times, earning a Freedom Index of at least 80%.

On executives, consider incumbents’ vetoes. An executive’s Freedom Index is no higher than the lowest Freedom Index earned by the legislators who were the swing votes on the bills the executive signed.

Politicians, Support the Constitution

A minority of current politicians would vote for good, but need to take a hard look at their own actions. They need to start to see that the ongoing increase in tyranny comes in crucial part from nearly every action that they themselves currently take. Legislators who seek to grab executive power to allocate budget line items don’t limit governments. Those very actions instead increase governments’ spending faster than people’s production. Legislators who grab executive power to manage the executives never repeal the bureaucracies they oversee, and never summarily impeach to protect we the people.

Here, too, there’s a simple remedy: on appropriations, only vote yes for a single declining topline total; then fully repeal statutes that aren’t fully constitutional. Executives, uphold your oath to protect the Constitution, by only executing statutes that are fully constitutional.

A statute that’s fully constitutional must have no misleading parts. It must only use powers enumerated for the national government. It must have no delegation of legislative power, grabs of executive power, or grabs of judicial power. And it must not be noncritical, complex, or long, and must not help make the total corpus of law incomprehensibly complex or long.

Constitutional statutes consist only of rules and sanctions, and even then are simple and are few in number. Constitutional executives just enforce constitutional statutes and opinions.

Politicians who support the Constitution, in short, must stop spending their time running the administrative state and start spending their time demolishing it.

Start Now

Robert Kennedy—regarding the first danger, alone—promises to secure people’s life, liberty, and property from public-health tyranny, foreign wars, illegal immigration, and digital-currency tyranny. Kennedy should start explaining how, like Argentina’s President Javier Milei, he wouldn’t fecklessly “reform” and promote departments and agencies but instead would fully eliminate them.

Donald Trump promises at most to mostly roll back some of Joe Biden’s policies. Trump should immediately start only supporting candidates for all offices who would earn a Freedom Index of at least 80%. Trump should also quickly start staking his legacy on not executing most departments and agencies, not signing increases in total appropriations, and recommending fully eliminating departments and agencies.

Unlimited governments can certainly become limited, very quickly. Voters and our best politicians simply need to start having good boundaries. The best politicians will immediately greatly impede the others in governments from further building up tyranny. With each election, the best politicians will rapidly grow substantially in number and in power.

Voters and politicians, stand down the governments in all jurisdictions. Revolution doesn’t require war. Revolution simply requires good boundaries.

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James Anthony

James Anthony is an experienced chemical engineer who applies process design, dynamics, and control to government processes. He is the author of The Constitution Needs a Good Party and rConstitution Papers, the publisher of rConstitution.us, and an author in Daily Caller, The Federalist, American Thinker, American Greatness, Mises Institute, and Foundation for Economic Education. For more information, see his media and about pages.

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