Mike Feuz

Mike Feuz is a Research Associate for Free the People who can also be found assisting the team in any needs in production, filming, or carrying the luggage. He completed his graduate studies in Economics at George Mason University, has spent over 10 years as a technology consultant in the private sector, and worked on campaigns and grassroots initiatives across the state of Virginia.

Mike found his passion for the ideas of liberty while exploring his Catholic faith and reading the great insights of Bishop Fulton Sheen and Lord Acton. He fell in the Free the People crew in while organizing “Liberty Pubs,” monthly gatherings hosted around Northern Virginia to discuss the ideas of liberty.

When Mike is not working for the ideas of liberty, he can be found spending time with his wife and four children (and counting), which consumes most of what little free time he has left. If he has any energy after the kids are all asleep, he might be found reading political philosophy or enjoying a glass or wine and a board game with his wife.

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