Trump’s Convictions Expose the Woke Law Schools that Corrupt Our Judicial System

Trump’s convictions expose how corrupt our judicial system is, and what woke law schools are doing to keep it that way.

As a law student, Trump’s felony convictions not only showed me how wokeism has corrupted our judicial system, but also how the next generation of lawyers and judges will stop at nothing to push a political agenda, even by violating our rule of law. Considering how right-of-center law students are constantly surrounded by peers and faculty who fantasize about imprisoning Trump and packing the Supreme Court with leftist justices, this type of unorthodox judicial conviction may just be the first of many if nothing is done.

America’s Left cried euphoric tears of joy after former President Trump was convicted of 34 first-degree felony counts in NY court on May 30, 2024. Activists and politicians alike praised the ruling as a blessing which saved our democracy, and then cautioned dissenters for questioning the rule of law.

But what exactly is this “rule of law” everyone keeps haranguing about? Trump was tried by a jury of his peers, as afforded to him by the 6th Amendment of our Constitution. If he was legitimately tried in a court of law, why are people so angry about the conviction? All the legal experts and law professors are championing the decision, what gives?

To these “experts’” dismay, this trial was anything but legitimate. It was an obvious political witch hunt, one in which the judge threw precedent out the window, and the legal experts stuck their heads in the sand to get Trump.

The law is only legitimate when it serves their purpose.

Judge Juan Merchan instructed the jury that—in order to convict—they must unanimously find Trump guilty of falsifying business documents. However, it wasn’t necessary for them to agree on what specific, underlying felonious activity took place. As a result, a New York liberal jury found Trump guilty, without actually agreeing on what specific crime was committed.

Sounds kosher? New York law explicitly states that falsification of business records is a misdemeanor and can only be upgraded to a felony (first degree) if the defendant acted with “an intent to commit another crime or to aid or conceal the commission thereof.” As the misdemeanor statute of limitations had expired in 2019, the Judge’s only chance would be to nab Trump with a felony, one which the court failed to uncover.

So Trump was convicted on assumption alone. Judge Merchan told his jury that they could convict on conjecture and disagree on the actual elements of the crime, rather than use the tried-and-true “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard required in felony deliberations under the 6th Amendment. As long as they “feel” he committed a crime, he’s guilty.

Oh, and the legal “experts” are loving it while conveniently leaving out the gross bias in violating Trump’s constitutional rights.

Andrew Weissmann, MSNBC legal scholar and Mueller prosecutor, said he has a “man crush” on Judge Merchan for violating the actual rule of law we have in this country. Weissmann swoons over Merchan’s “judicial temperament,” while conveniently ignoring the fact that Merchan is a known Democrat donor who refused to recuse himself from the case.

Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg celebrated the ruling, having often boasted of suing Trump “over 100 times.” This is the same DA who downgraded 60% of felony cases to misdemeanors. Assaulting innocents gets you a slap on the wrist, but fudging paperwork with no underlying crime gets you years in jail. Is this restorative justice?

He’s not the only prosecutor who has abandoned law and order for social justice grandstanding and political hit jobs. Chesa Boudin, George Gascon, Kim Gardner, and countless other deep Blue prosecutors have ruined their cities with soft-on-crime policies, exposing their citizens to robbery, assault, and even death, while virulently foaming at the mouth when Trump mislabels hush-money payments—an activity that is commonly dealt with by issuing fines. Unless you’re Trump.

So what do they all have in common? They went to law schools which champion judicial activism and encourage twisting the law in the name of “social justice.” Harvard Law alone boasts an 80% liberal faculty. I wonder if they are biased in the classroom?

For the past few years, the ABA has been pushing more “race conscious” admissions practices, despite the Supreme Court’s rulings in SFFA v. Harvard and SFFA v. UNC which held affirmative action illegal under the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment. These woke—and quite literally racist—law schools are perpetuating the idea that America’s judicial system is sexist, racist, colonialist, and whatever other buzz terms they throw around. They coddle their students who illegally protest and demand passing grades even as they boycott their own classes, all while stretching the constitution and the rule of law whenever they see fit.

Meanwhile, law students across the country are demanding safe spaces to cry in, openly celebrate Islamic terrorists killing and raping civilians, actively partake in violent riots and destroying of property in the name of equity, and physically threaten their faculty at their houses when they don’t get their way.

These are America’s future lawyers, judges, and lawmakers. They think Trump’s prosecution is the most transparent and legitimate act of justice since sliced bread, yet choose to ignore Obama’s 2008 campaign fund misfilings and illegal spying on Trump’s 2016 campaign, Clinton’s 30,000 emails, and Congress’ own Office of Compliance which pays out millions in hush money funds to alleged sexual harassment victims of its own Congress members.

Considering how students and faculty at the top law schools overwhelmingly skew to the left on the political spectrum, it’s unsurprising how so many of these graduates make it their life goal to persecute political opponents while ignoring the crimes of their own.

Let’s hope these radical law students go the way of UCLA medical school and fail the Bar in droves. However, considering how eager the ABA is to slash academic standards, we might soon have more attorneys who don’t even know the law they’re arguing.

The persecution of a former president in what is unabashedly a political hit job is not only an attempt to prevent the American people from voting for their chosen candidate, but also a grave promise of what America’s judicial system will soon be if we keep allowing woke, social justice activists to manipulate our schools, our children, our cities, and our laws.

It’s time to say enough, and save America from the banana republic it is surely becoming.

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