The Ministry of Truth

The Biden administration is creating a new agency within the Department of Homeland Security, the Disinformation Governance Board. Inspired by the concerns over the proliferation of false information through social media, the Disinformation Governance Board aims to crack down on irresponsible mistruths that could place themselves or even our democracy in danger. Of course, by mistruths, they mean things that current people in power decide are untrue. With these decisions inevitably reflecting their own worldviews and personal biases. This should ring alarm bells for anyone concerned about freedom of expression or the abuse of government power. Sam Martin breaks it down in this episode of Freedom Over Fear.

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Sam Martin

Sam Martin is the Creative Director at Free the People. Sam has over a decade of experience in cinematic storytelling, acting, and production. Sam directed Free the People’s How to Love Your Enemy, a full-length documentary about restorative justice. He also hosts three series at Free the People: Freedom Over Fear, Cult of Wokeness, and Liberty Beats.

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