Hong Kong Protests for Freedom

The protests in Hong Kong reveal both the people’s deep hunger for liberty and the tendency of the Chinese government to brutally stamp out dissent. The 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre saw 10,000 protestors killed. Without the support of the international community, the situation today could easily turn just as bloody.

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Trey Lowell

Trey Lowell is the Director of Photography at Free the People. He is a self-taught, award winning cinematographer and video editor. Trey is responsible for filming and editing a wide variety of content, including educational videos, campaign ads, and documentary material on a variety of liberty-related issues.

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  • Notice the silence of the United Nations, the supposed peace keeping force of the world.
    It will have to be the U.S. , other western nations and the countries in the middle east to impress
    on China that attacking and killing the people of Hong Kong will bear repercussions.

  • I wish the United States was still the shining beacon of liberty that the Hong Kong protesters seem to believe it to be. Americans should be in the streets protesting for the restoration of OUR liberty, freedom from the surveillance state, and the right to keep our lawfully earned property.

    It warms my heart to see videos of Hong Kong protesters using 8 watt handheld solid state lasers that were made in China to permanently disable the Chinese government’s facial recognition cameras that are on every street corner in Hong Kong. China has excelled at apropriating the economic benefits of capitalism into their communist regime but the two are fundamentally incompatible, as demonstrated in the above example. Markets empower people.

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