Trey Lowell

Trey Lowell is the Director of Photography at Free the People. He is a self-taught, award winning cinematographer and video editor. Trey is responsible for filming and editing a wide variety of content, including educational videos, campaign ads, and documentary material on a variety of liberty-related issues.

Trey is the owner of Lowell Productions and has produced everything from electric skateboard ads to documentaries, music videos, short films, and congressional interviews. Overly obsessed with YouTube and video creation, when Trey isn’t working on a video project, he’s at home watching sports with his wife and son.

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The War on Terror Comes Home

The 9/11 terrorist attacks were such an atrocity that the United States government took immediate action to keep Americans “safe at all costs” with the Patriot Act. But the costs to our civil liberties have been significant.

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