Fat Activism Fuels the Obesity Epidemic

The Body Positivity movement and the Healthy at Every Size movement gained steam in the 1990s, promoting acceptance and celebration of fat bodies. Quickly, however, the movements took on many aspects of intersectionality claiming, “We cannot dismantle weight, size oppression without addressing the intersectionality of ALL oppressions.” Free the People creative director Sam Martin traces the recent trend of fat celebration back to universities and the relatively new branch of critical theory called fatness studies. Fatness studies attempts to equate fat phobia with many of the other serious prejudices based on immutable characteristics such as racism, sexism, and homophobia, and in practice, it threatens to hinder much of the progress made by these groups.

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Sam Martin

Sam Martin is the Creative Director at Free the People. Sam has over a decade of experience in cinematic storytelling, acting, and production. Sam directed Free the People’s How to Love Your Enemy, a full-length documentary about restorative justice. He also hosts three series at Free the People: Freedom Over Fear, Cult of Wokeness, and Liberty Beats.

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