Unmasking the Woke Cult

Is a cult of wokeness really a cult? Think of your friends who post black squares and pride flags on social media, write their pronouns in email signature lines, and spout equity and inclusion talking points whenever they get a chance. Wokeness offers them an identity and a sense of belonging. But in this episode of Cult of Wokeness, Sam Martin draws the disturbing parallels between wokeness today and historical examples like Maoist communism and Scientology.

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Sam Martin

Sam Martin is the Creative Director at Free the People. Sam has over a decade of experience in cinematic storytelling, acting, and production. Sam directed Free the People’s How to Love Your Enemy, a full-length documentary about restorative justice. He also hosts three series at Free the People: Freedom Over Fear, Cult of Wokeness, and Liberty Beats.

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