The Day the GOP Died

As Donald Trump secures the Republican nomination for president, the GOP convention feels more like a wake than a wedding. And what’s a wake without a good drinking song?


A long, long time ago
I can still remember how their principles made me smile
And I knew if they had a chance
The GOP could advance
A conservative agenda for the rank n’file

But Super Tuesday made me shiver
With every election result delivered
Bad news on the internet
Trump amassing all the delegates

I can’t remember if I cried
When news came of the Indiana landslide
Something touched me deep inside
The day the GOP died

So bye, bye Republican part-y
No Cruz, Paul, or Kasich and now Trump is the guy
And them red state boys gave a scream and a sigh
Sayin’ this’ll be the day the GOP dies
This’ll be the day the GOP dies

Did you read the Constitution
Or toss it away for Trump’s Bible collection
It’s big, strong, and ten feet tall
Now those who wish to immigrate
Will be thwarted by huge, tall gate
or perhaps the biggest, most beautiful wall

Well I knew the party was going down
When even Paul Ryan wore a frown
And people even started to like Cruz
Now we’ve got those GOP blues

I was a lonely voter without a voice
In a party controlled by the good old boys
But now it seems we have no choice
The day the GOP died


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Matt Kibbe

Matt Kibbe is President at Free the People, an educational foundation using video storytelling to turn on the next generation to the values of personal liberty and peaceful cooperation. He is also co-founder and partner at Fight the Power Productions, a video and strategic communications company. Kibbe is the host of BlazeTV’s Kibbe on Liberty, a popular podcast that insists that you think for yourself.

Dubbed “the scribe” by the New York Daily News, Kibbe is the author three books, most recently the #2 New York Times bestseller Don’t Hurt People and Don’t Take Their Stuff: A Libertarian Manifesto.

He was senior advisor for a Rand Paul Presidential Super PAC in 2016, and later co-founded AlternativePAC to promote libertarian values.

In 2004 Kibbe founded FreedomWorks, a national grassroots advocacy organization, and served as President until his departure in 2015. Steve Forbes said: “Kibbe has been to FreedomWorks what Steve Jobs was to Apple.”

An economist by training, Kibbe did graduate work at George Mason University and received his B.A. from Grove City College. He serves at the whim of his awesome wife Terry, and their three objectivist cats, Roark, Ragnar and Rearden. Kibbe is a fanatical DeadHead, drinker of craft beer and whisky, and collector of obscure books on Austrian economics.

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