The Biden Administration Is Playing With Fire

When you think about the Declaration of Independence and about what provoked the first Americans to write it, you recognize that King George III thoroughly incensed the 13 colonies; however, he certainly isn’t attributed to their development. “America exists because kings are evil” is the nonsense that virtually all of us have been conditioned to believe, but considering the fact that the Puritans arrived to the New World one-and-a-half centuries before the Declaration was written, “monarchy = bad” is the simplest of simplistic thinking. But don’t beat yourself up. Government schools preach and indoctrinate, not teach or stimulate. Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn explained, “an absolute monarchy could be liberal (but hardly democratic) and a democracy could be totalitarian, illiberal, and tyrannical, with a majority brutally persecuting minorities.” And a decade prior, Friedrich Hayek wrote the following:

I have certainly never contended that generally authoritarian governments are more likely to secure individual liberty than democratic ones, but rather the contrary. This does not mean, however, that in some historical circumstances personal liberty may not have been better protected under an authoritarian than democratic government. This has occasionally been true since the beginning of democracy in ancient Athens, where the liberty of the subjects was undoubtedly safer under the “30 tyrants” than under the democracy which killed Socrates and sent dozens of its best men into exile by arbitrary decrees.

If monarchs are 100% evil 100% of the time, wouldn’t the Declaration have been written much sooner? It’s the King’s actions, not his existence, that can be cause for concern, and though King George laid the straw that broke the camel’s back, it was King James I who laid one of the first. So what prompted the Puritans to pursue the Promised Land? The anger that exploded from King George’s taxation—“without representation” is irrelevant—first mounted from King James’s censorship. Taking seriously “build your own” Bible, the Puritans were free to disassociate from Great Britain, which is why the Biden regime’s actions are cause for concern.

After spending the past six years dismissing, reviling, propagandizing, and persecuting those who are unwilling to happily submit, Biden’s sycophants—bewildered by the fact that their ideological adversaries won’t simply drop dead—are alarmed by the spread of “misinformation” (shorthand for “info I don’t like”). After Biden’s press secretary admitted that the Biden regime has been telling Facebook what to censor (that is fascism, Antifa), she made clear that “[those providing misinformation out there] shouldn’t be banned from one platform and not others.” Stated differently, which completely counters the proclaimed intent behind Biden’s “pro-competition” executive order, “all of social media should not only think the same but should also collude.” For the same reason the Puritans fled to the New World, if the Biden Administration has its druthers, dissidents will have no domestic place to hide. All of social media will pledge their loyalty to the regime, and dissenters wanting a presence on social media will have to flee the country. But to where will they emigrate, and how? Traveling abroad seems difficult these days. Is the Biden regime aware of this policy’s ramifications? “Comply or die” and “agree or flee” are false choices that will likely foment violence, similar to Governor Inslee’s “prove you’re vaccinated or find a job in another state.”

Unlike the President, who’s either falling asleep watching Weekend at Bernie’s or playing its namesake role, those propping up Biden are probably well aware of the fact that their actions are only sowing distrust, resentment, and contempt, which might explain their frenzied focus on preventing an allegedly free people from defending themselves. Though guns were attributed to less than nine percent of violent crimes in 2019, perhaps the Biden Administration thinks that if there are fewer guns in the hands of people who believe it their right to alter or abolish a government incapable of and uninterested in fulfilling its actual purpose, acquiescence will increase with less bloodshed when the government continues to destroy, rather than defend, the people’s rights. Just as water cannot be compressed, those pressuring the regime’s critics and dissidents can be compelled only so much before those doing the pressuring might encounter a violent reaction. How much abuse does the Biden regime think nonconformists can take, especially when their “dangerous” ideas are slandered instead of refuted? Just as masks can’t stop the spread of a respiratory virus, censorship cannot stop the proliferation of ideas.

The parasites in the Biden Administration are playing with fire, and because the federal government is too big to fear the people it allegedly serves, it has no incentive to cease its “totalitarian, illiberal, and tyrannical” behavior. Must the Biden regime learn the hard way? When will they accept that at least 90% of all U.S. deaths in 2020 had nothing to do with COVID-19? How many of the unvaccinated must snap before the Biden regime understands that they can’t subdue or imprison millions of Americans without suffering any consequences? Exposing democracy’s authoritarian colors will serve as a great awakening—one that might spur secession—but it might also spark violence. Must the Biden regime choose the latter? I want to be wrong, but I don’t see how demanding that millions of Americans “shut up and take it” could possibly end well, especially when considering that no less than 42% of American households own at least one gun. Far from receiving a divine mandate, Biden appears to have forgotten, among many other details, that only one-third of the electorate voted for him. I’m not claiming that Biden and his servile minions are intentionally inciting violence—though the FBI’s actions provide a strong counterpoint—but if they were, would their rhetoric and actions be any different?

This article originally appeared on Uncle Nap.

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