Immunity or Conformity?

For the past 16 months, most of humanity have been ordered to “stay safe.” You might think that’s been a blessing, and if you do, you probably haven’t wondered if that’s been necessary. John Tamny has stated many times that the deadlier the pathogen, the more superfluous are the orders to avoid it. If that sounds counterintuitive, I’ll elaborate on Tamny’s logic. When it’s oppressively humid or raining, do you need to be told to stay indoors, or would you arrive at that conclusion on your own? What if the rain was known to contain a pathogen that overwhelmingly killed the old, sick, or overweight? If you were not part of at least one of those demographics, you’d likely resent being told to remain indoors. Continuing this analogy, what if the rain’s pathogen killed indiscriminately? You might still choose to venture beyond your dwelling, but probably not after giving it some thought. But again, in this latter scenario, would you need to be ordered to stay inside? You’re trusted to avoid the rain but not imminent death? Spare me the “but some people” argument. The whole world is “some people;” keep your good intentions to yourself, or, to coin a phrase, mind your own business. Like most things, Tamny’s line of reasoning appears more fatal to the lockdowners than the virus, and it is similarly sound when applied to the other illogical interventions, which beg the following question: Were the mandates and restrictions designed to positively impact health, or were they implemented in order to standardize the tribes?

Mask mandates have proven to be unnecessary interventions that haven’t achieved what proponents claim, but many mandates remain.

When looking at a graph that shows cases, hospitalizations, or deaths over time, anyone can plainly see that there is absolutely no correlation between mask usage and the trajectory of cases, hospitalizations, or deaths, so why do these mandates persist? After the Church of Disease Control conceded that wearing one or more masks while vaccinated does, in fact, seem quite silly, why would politicians—the Church’s most keen cultists—not rescind their mask mandates just as quickly as they implemented them? The Science™ was settled when politicians and bureaucrats—“parasites” for brevity—obeyed the fickle Church 13 months ago, so now they seem to dabble in heresy. If COVID-19 (20?) were as deadly, and if masks were as effective, as the hysterical claim, why do there exist such heated discussions involving the efficacy of masks and the morality—or lack thereof—of mask mandates? If the virus were indeed as deadly, and if masks were as effective as the fear mongers pretend, then the vast majority would voluntarily wear them, and the heated debates wouldn’t exist; the fact that they do is telling. Thank goodness the virus isn’t as lethal as we’re told to believe, but if it were, and if masks did more than expose the sheep, then forcing everyone to wear masks would be as unnecessary as prohibiting people from chasing liquor with nails or from cradling pin-less grenades. I thought that believers of magic tend to be happier.

Vaccines aren’t yet mandated everywhere, but you better believe that the servile masses wish they were. Are vaccines ardently supported for the sake of health and safety, or are they worshipped because the “tolerant” can’t stomach dissent? Like masks, if the experimental vaccines are as effective as proponents claim, then why do the most rabid anti-choicers care when complete strangers deny vaccination? As infamous anti-choicer Hillary Clinton once asked, “What difference does it make?” What happened to “my body, my choice”? Whether rude or polite, most feel entitled to know why others won’t do as they do; “because I’m not you” is the answer that most cannot comprehend, and for those who can, it enrages them. It’s been obvious that only the old, sick, and overweight have something to fear, but that hasn’t stopped pathological parasite Jay Inslee from pimping out his preachy grandson to his sycophantic supporters on social media. In Washington, those younger than 20-years-old account for 0.12% of COVID-19-related deaths, so why the maniacal move to vaccinate minors? Why are so many beyond euphoric to participate in an ongoing clinical trial? “Because my mask protects you” is the extent of their analysis. “And kids are asymptomatic vectors,” the perpetually pathetic cry. No, not really. Sharing these inconvenient truths on Twitter, however, is a surefire way of getting suspended, as I was on the 19th of May.

The impetus driving the insanity for the past 16+ months of “stopping the spread” isn’t related to health or safety; it’s been about fear—the cheapest but most effective weapon.

Most people fear the virus, potential ostracism for not sufficiently fearing the virus, or both. The parasites are well aware of this fear, so they cultivate it and “sell” delivery from it. If certain conditions are met, the parasites claim, then the liberty used to postmark votes for “comfort” will be returned. Dissenters—whether those who openly reject the hostage negotiations or those who simply aren’t adequately afraid—are regarded as barriers between fear and salvation, which is why, under democratic regimes, the people are the real tyrants. The shrill cries for diversity must have been an inside joke. Published in 1948, F.A. Hayek wrote:

“There is all the difference in the world between treating people equally and attempting to make them equal. While the first is the condition of a free society, the second means, as De Tocqueville described it, ‘a new form of servitude.’”

Were gyms closed for the health of their members, or were they closed in an attempt to make everyone equally miserable? Are parents ordered to mask their children for their own good, or are uncovered faces too terrifying a sight—and children more easily manipulated? Has fresh air been shunned for safety, or are isolated people easier to control? Better to wear that dirty sponge on your face and to put that medical experiment in your arm than to stray from the herd; as Bill Maher recently said, “We would literally rather die.” Turns out that the “new normal” isn’t new; the disturbing desire to submissively follow orders has been around for quite some time, and as Frank Chodorov pointed out in 1959, the poison of politics has only prolonged it:

“Fear had entered their hearts, as is usually the case when a people accustomed to success are faced with adversity, and they were quite willing to swap freedom for the promise of subservient security. The search for a demigod is inherent in the human makeup; fear of the problems of life tends to weaken self-reliance and to encourage belief in a deliverer. Faith in political power is a comfortable flight from reality.”

This article originally appeared on Uncle Nap.

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