Prohibition: 1920 vs. 2020

December 5th marks the anniversary of the end of Prohibition. In 1920, the U.S. government passed a constitutional amendment banning the sale of alcohol nationwide, thus starting a decade-long reign of terror that forced bars to close and made ordinary social activity a crime. Fast forward 100 years and once again, we saw bars shut down and social gatherings criminalized. Only this time, the crackdown was justified with safety concerns rather than moral precepts. But what a difference a century makes! Free the People creative director Sam Martin compares prohibition in 1920 to prohibition in 2020 as part of the coronavirus lockdowns.

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Sam Martin

Sam Martin is the Creative Director at Free the People. Sam has over a decade of experience in cinematic storytelling, acting, and production. Sam directed Free the People’s How to Love Your Enemy, a full-length documentary about restorative justice. He also hosts three series at Free the People: Freedom Over Fear, Cult of Wokeness, and Liberty Beats.

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