Calling for Writers at Free the People

At Free the People we believe that the best way to communicate the ideals of liberty is to tell stories. And now, we’re opening up our forum to talented writers here on freethepeople.org.

You can help us tell the story of creativity, entrepreneurship, and voluntary cooperation. Of the spontaneous coalescing of communities to achieve awesome things without the need for coercion.

Or cautionary tales of government power run amok, innovation stifled by indifferent bureaucrats and jealous corporations with a man in Washington, commerce disrupted by arrogant technocrats who think they know more than any one person can ever know. Of the inexorable tendency of concentrated power to deprive people of their prosperity, their basic liberties, and their lives.

And then there are stories of how to make a change—explaining the policies that affect all our lives, and meeting the politicians, thinkers, and activists who are working to restore and preserve liberty from the leviathan of government and its powerful friends.

We want to make it personal, and viscerally clear to average people—regardless of their level of interest in politics—that the creative power of liberty and voluntary cooperation is worth celebrating, advancing, and defending.

If you have the writer’s itch and a love for liberty, you can submit articles for review to [email protected]. Also check out Our Issues to see the topics we cover most often.

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Free the People publishes opinion-based articles from contributing writers. The opinions and ideas expressed do not always reflect the opinions and ideas that Free the People endorses. We believe in free speech, and in providing a platform for open dialog. Feel free to leave a comment!

Josh Withrow

Josh Withrow is the former Director of Public Policy at Free the People. He transitioned from studying medieval history to modern policy, only to find nothing has changed.

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