Josh Withrow

Josh Withrow is the Director of Public Policy at Free the People. Prior to joining Free the People, Josh Withrow was the Legislative Affairs Manager at FreedomWorks. There, he oversaw federal legislative priorities and spent considerable time working with allies on the Hill to develop and implement policy strategies to advance liberty. He was also responsible for managing FreedomWorks’ legislative scorecard, determining which votes to score and weights assigned.

Before joining in the cause of liberty, Josh was on the path to academia, earning his B.A. in Classics and History from the University of Nebraska, and his M.A. in Medieval Studies from Western Michigan University. When not working (which is rarely) Josh can be found reenacting the Civil War, playing classical piano or cheering on his New England Patriots.

Latest Posts

Do You Lean Left Or Right?

The closer you look at the political spectrum that we’re all taught, the less sense it makes. Communists on the far left, Nazi fascists on the extreme right—on that scale, it seems like being a “centrist” is merely splitting the difference between different ways to dehumanize people.

A Profitable Read

It’s simple, learn what someone really values – what “profit” means to them – and you will be far closer to understanding how to meaningfully interact with them in a way that satisfies you both.


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