Adults Are Talking with Andrew Heaton | Ep 2

In another fun-filled episode of Adults Are Talking with Andrew Heaton, your intrepid host tackles such white-knuckle topics as urban zoning and antitrust law. Meanwhile, a party game gets out of hand when one of the participants just might be a murderer/cannibal, and the logistics of fighting crime in Gotham City come under scrutiny. As if all that weren’t enough, Andrew also sits down for interviews with sex researcher and internet person Aella, as well as podcaster/magician Brian Brushwood. Also, puppets!

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Andrew Heaton

Andrew Heaton is a comedian, author, and political satirist. He’s the host of Adults are Talking with Andrew Heaton from Free the People. Heaton also hosts The Political Orphanage comedy and news podcast, and scifi deep dive podcast Alienating the Audience. He’s a frequent Reason TV contributor and hosted the popular webseries Mostly Weekly. He’s performed standup comedy at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, as a finalist in the China International Standup Competition, and throughout the United States and Europe. A former congressional staffer, he’s the best-selling author of Laughter is Better Than Communism, as well as two funny novels. He once opened for William Shatner, who said he’s “very funny.”

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