The Trans Question: Why the Lack of Questions?

In America today there has been an explosion of people identifying as transgender. I have had gender dysphoria my whole life. I was caught wearing women’s clothing often when I was young, and when I pretended to be a superhero I chose Wonder Woman. I would spin around in my cape and throw it off once I had dizzied myself enough to turn into the female TV superhero. I remember telling my parents that I wanted to be a woman as a child. I was quickly corrected back then, which was during the 80s. Today I am a 46-year-old still-confused gay man, and I am glad they did.

The details of how I finally became comfortable presenting in my natural body are too long for this article. I am just laying the groundwork that I am familiar with the trans issue personally, and I have a right to have an opinion, or as they say today, “my truth.”

There has been a large uptick in people identifying as trans or gay, especially in this decade. The trans explosion is so statistically significant that I feel we should want to know why the explosion is occurring. The main problem I have with the transgender explosion is that no one seems to be asking why. Why are more and more people identifying as the opposite sex or deciding to flaunt their gender dysphoria with the new non-binary label? I have said this to friends before half-jokingly, but these questions would never have been unanswered during the Reagan years. No one in the scientific or psychological fields seems to be trying to find out the reasons. This is a big disservice to the American people, as well as a good argument for the trans agenda they are pushing.

There is a reason for the sudden uptick, and it has to be either psychological or environmental, or both. With the havoc that can be wreaked on a culture with dopamine-fueled social media and an army of bots, I can see where TikTok and China could easily be driving the trend. When we call Dylan Mulvaney a trans influencer, by that definition Mr. Mulvaney’s purpose is to influence people to become trans, mostly teens. (Note I am giving him some Southern respect and am polite enough to call him mister.)

On the other hand there could be environmental things which could be a factor. In the 1980s some fire retardants were banned (BFRs) that mimicked and inhibited the metabolization of estrogen. Bisphenol-A (BPA) is another one of these chemicals, which some argue is just as toxic if not more so than BFRs, and it’s still not completely banned, not even in food contact materials!

I don’t quote the modern statistics, but on some left leaning platforms I have seen figures as high as 30 percent the number of GenZ females who identify as lesbian or bisexual. The figures for gay males across ages, across the board is pushing 20 percent. Why?

In the Reagan years, we would have found out. He would have commissioned a government study. A slew of government scientists and psychologists would have been organized to study the rising trend. Our current administration is not doing that. I’d even argue if the same trends were present during the Clinton administration the government response would be close to the same.

Today, what would have been considered in the Reagan years as a reproductive health and mental crisis is now being promoted and pushed down our throats as the new normal, and no one is asking why. If anyone believes that this gender issue is part of a broad cultural-shaping government and corporate agenda, it is because no one is trying to answer this big question. Teens identifying as transgender and gay/bi are on the rise, with the future consequences of surgically-altered teens and a healthy culture in general in the balance.

I don’t remember much about the Reagan years except for a commercial of eggs in a frying pan and drugs, but I know from studying Reagan’s policies and decisions, he cared about the country. As flawed as he was, there was no doubt that Reagan loved America and that is the reason he is beloved in conservative circles. Today in America, millions of dollars are earmarked in a proposed bill for teen transitioning, tuck-friendly underwear and all, but not a dime is being spent to find out the reasons for the surge.

Companies have spent billions of dollars trying to get their dopamine-hit social media platforms to be as addicting and influential as possible. Corporations have frequently buried research that showed their highly effective and efficient chemicals were harmful. Something is causing a surge of gender dysphoria and homosexuality in the youth today. Why are we not finding out why?

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John H Stephenson IV

John H Stephenson IV is a self-published author with works on Amazon. He writes contemporary Appalachian style humorous short stories and satire, and lives in Radford, VA with his off-leash trained mutt. He writes in fearless free speech style, which includes some crude and offensive National Lampoon's and Mad Magazine type humor. More than making money from his work, he wants to share some laughs. You can watch some low-quality videos of him reading some of his work on his YouTube channel.

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