Kayla Henry: Pure Poetry vs. Corrupt Power | Leaving the Left for Liberty | Ep 6

Kayla Henry is wielding the power of the pen through pure poetry. She is the author of the poem “Parrhesia,” which went viral last year, pointing fearlessly to the corrupt power of government and the top-down control surrounding COVID-19. Her crusade for truth elevates messages of medical freedom, the desire for clear language in media, and an eagerness to understand governance in the Western World. Kayla is a brilliant, budding Canadian artist. In her interview with host Sienna Mae Heath, she reads parts of her new book, “Rhymes to Rhetoric,” and maps out her hero’s journey—reflecting on her call to adventure to step out as an individual and to catch flight through creative freedom.

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Sienna Mae Heath

Sienna Mae Heath is the host of the Leaving the Left for Liberty podcast. Sienna was once a pessimistic liberal, but has now awakened as an optimistic independent. She’s living in between, part of the bridge generation trying to find unity and truth for us all. As the star and writer of the short documentary Real Unity produced by Free the People and screened at the Anthem Film Festival (FreedomFest) 2021, she welcomes her fellow Americans to share their journeys of political sovereignty #IDeclareMyFreedom.

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