Zach Vorhies vs. Google’s Subjective Reality | Leaving the Left for Liberty | Ep 7

Zach Vorhies is a Google whistleblower and a Project Veritas Insider. A former Senior Software Engineer, he says Google took a hard turn toward “authoritarianism” and began installing an “autocratic regime” of censorship in late 2016. Google began blacklisting Christian, conservative, and alternative health platforms like The Gateway Pundit, Daily Caller, Christian Times, Meghan Kelly’s website, and Natural News, polarizing many Americans. Google then red-flagged Zach with the San Francisco police. He’d put out a “dead man’s switch” on Twitter, threatening full disclosure of the 950 pages of internal files he would eventually leak to the public and deliver to the Department of Justice anti-trust division in August 2019.

Host Sienna Mae Heath gets Zach’s perspective on how Google went from reflecting objective reality to promoting a subjective reality, and exactly how we are being censored and having our information manipulated.

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Sienna Mae Heath

Sienna Mae Heath is a growth writer. Sienna is the star and writer of the short documentary Real Unity produced by Free the People and screened at the Anthem Film Festival (FreedomFest) 2021. She now hosts Leaving the Left for Liberty on Free the People where she interviews whistleblowers, dissidents, and other alternative voices in the Western World. Empowering empaths through flowing truth in timely essays and poignant poetry, her most recent pieces have been featured on The Kim Iversen Show, The Equiano Project, Braver Angels Media, Medium’s Society, History, and Race pages, and The Independent’s “Conversations.” Locally in the Lehigh Valley, PA, she is known for cocreating a more beautiful world as The Sovereign Gardener and for developing The Hero’s Journey worksheet to guide survivors of abuse in telling their stories of liberation. Follow her on Substack, Medium, Instagram, and Twitter.

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