Cloud Architecture: Liberty.me versus FEE.org

Two projects have kept me busy during the last two years:

Liberty.me, a private online community, and FEE.org, a 70 non-profit educational organization. While both share a free-market philosophy, they have very different business models, and so very different designs and technology stacks.

Liberty.me is build with WordPress and an open-source stack, whereas for FEE.org I went with Umbraco and a Microsoft stack. Despite this, they have a similar cloud architectures.

Please share your suggestions or let me know if you would like more details about these configurations:

FEE Architecture LibertyArchitecture

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David Veksler

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  • Have either FEE or LIBERTY.ME considered a “.onion” (TOR, or Darknet) interface to the hosting environments like Facebook has?

    ..just found this. thanks for posting.

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