China, China, China!

Is China responsible for the pandemic? The answer is irrelevant. Pretentious politicians in the once-free land didn’t make their arrogant and destructive decisions with the pandemic’s origin in mind. In fact, had they known of where it was allegedly manufactured, the lockdowns, mask mandates, and other worse-than-futile, totalitarian tricks would likely have been even more disastrous. But that hasn’t prevented some very unsavory characters in DC from wanting to punish their counterparts in Beijing. As if state and local economies haven’t suffered enough, some seem hellbent on military conflict. Translated for those who are allergic to kid gloves: after state and local governments reversed the course of civilization, the parasites in DC would like to trade your children for political points. One need only look at the wild success in Afghanistan to see that war with China would be as devastating as Ludwig von Mises was prescient: “In the long run, even the most despotic governments, with all their brutality and cruelty, are no match for ideas.” One can’t shoot an idea; the only way to beat an idea is to embarrass it with a better one. The only way for the U.S. to “beat” the Chinese is to stop mimicking them and start humiliating them.

Spare me the argument about an active genocide in China. As Donald Trump asked in 2017, “You think our country’s so innocent?” The U.S. has the highest incarceration rate in the world, as well as the world’s largest prison population. At the very least, doesn’t that make politicians’ Memorial Day speeches ring hollow? If one is really reaching, he could argue that American prisoners’ human rights aren’t violated to the extent that Uighurs have suffered, but isn’t the U.S. making up the difference by spreading its genocide abroad? Excluding domestic deaths from the War on Drugs, how many civilians in the world’s poorest countries have fallen victim to the War on Terror over the past two decades? The combined total in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq tops a quarter million, and the U.S. empire is proud to assist Saudi Arabia in tacking on to the death toll 400,000 children under the age of five who’ll starve this year in Yemen. I could go on, but how disgusted must you be to fully grasp the point? Regarding prison populations and incarceration rates, a prosperous country can’t, by definition, appear on either list, let alone at the top of both. If we must have prisons—paraphrasing Michael Malice—the only people who should be locked in them are the violent offenders who’d never be released. By denouncing China for crimes against humanity, the U.S. makes a mockery of itself. Key takeaway: when other countries kill, it’s a “genocide;” when America kills, it’s “defending freedom.”

With that nauseating hypocrisy out the way, I’ll discuss human action—also known as “economics.” Is killing people good for growth? Of course it isn’t for the slain, but what of the killers? What happens when a particular third-world country has no fabricated fiends left to destroy? I try to think outside the box, but it seems that people can’t be killed more than once. Instead of scouring the world for the next abjectly impoverished ‘threat,’ perhaps the military-industrial-congressional complex can learn from Big Pharma’s business model. To “beat” China, allow them to enrich us; doing so will give them a reason to envy us. Americans pat themselves on the back for living in a “free country,” but their alleged freedom to voluntarily exchange with whomever ends at the border. Tariffs on Chinese goods are nothing but taxes on Americans’ purchases, taxes that indirectly flow to America’s producers. You might scoff, “But without tariffs, some American manufacturers will go out of business!” Perhaps. And good riddance. If certain American firms exist not because their quality and/or pricing are competitive but because the parasites in DC decided to protect them, Americans will be better off when they’re no longer ripped off. More likely than a rash of bankruptcies would be a proliferation of choices. If people feel compelled to “buy American,” nothing would stop them, and for those who don’t consider the so-called morality of their purchases, for whatever reason, they’ll be healthier having fed themselves for less. Despite importing 90% of its food, Singapore was the most food-secure country. You think they accomplished that 2019 ranking with high tariffs?

What passes as “news” serves only to distract Americans from their realization that the U.S. government is illegitimate. Have people already forgotten that the vast majority of America’s governors recently obliterated the distinction between inmate and private citizen? For a country obsessed with democracy, will Americans acknowledge that though the means appear different, the ends look eerily similar to China? There’s no “winning” when DC’s actions so heavily overlap with those of Beijing; the idea to force China’s hand isn’t serious, and maybe that’s intended. If certain industries benefited from two decades of war in Afghanistan, those same industries will warmly welcome three decades of fighting with China. Most would prefer three decades of unbridled trade, but under the big lie known as “democracy,” the small minority in power don’t care for the majority’s preferences. Which is the better idea, war or peace? The question answers itself. If Americans were truly free, instead of a billboard for bullying, the world would see the American flag as representative of a readily realizable pursuit of happiness:

Your inferior ideas are on display for the world to see, as evidenced by your miserable people; we’d point and laugh if their suffering weren’t so tragic. We, on the other hand, are dominating life, minding our own business. Criminals have a habit of getting shot, so the politicians and their police have been resigning in droves. And due to the lack of criminals, most of our prisons have been emptied and repurposed. We’re so busy enjoying ourselves that instead of making certain products, we’d rather pay you for them. We’re picky but loaded. Get in line.

This article originally appeared on UncleNap.com.

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