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No Hitting!: A Short Guide on Why Spanking is Unnecessary

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Many are the reasons caretakers give for spanking their children. They were likely spanked themselves and believe they “turned out just fine,” so they’ve decided to continue the practice. Their parenting tool box contains just a few tools for dealing with conflicts between them and their children; the spanking tool sits conveniently at the top. Aside from conflicts, many reasons concern the belief that children need to be spanked. Here are the reasons addressed in this booklet:

  • To prevent a child from misbehaving, by teaching consequences.
  • To keep a child from hurting themselves; to keep a child from hurting others.
  • To discipline a child to become a proper adult; to toughen up a child to live in a cruel world.
  • To teach a child respect, and obedience toward authority.
  • To raise a child the way God says we should.

This booklet will show why children don’t need to be spanked. Ever. What they need is empathy, compassion, focus, and the willingness of their caretakers to dig as deep as necessary to determine what needs of theirs aren’t being met that is causing them to behave in undesirable ways.

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