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Libertarian Treehugger

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Environmental sustainability and the cause for liberty are intertwined. You simply cannot have one without the other. And Jeff Siegel, known to many as the Libertarian Treehugger, successfully illustrates this truism in his latest book.

Siegel argues that it is only in the presence of government interference that we condemn ourselves to an uninhabitable planet, writing: “It should not be the job of politicians to ensure that we all have access to safe water, clean air, and healthy soil. These are things that we need to live and, therefore, that we should seek to protect and preserve on our own. Personal sovereignty, property rights, and a real free market, free from government interference, can help us accomplish this.”

Hitting on important topics such as climate change, clean energy, the war on poverty and food sovereignty, this is a must-read for both free market thinkers and environmentalists.

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