Afghanistan—Escaping to Freedom

It’s been less than a month since our troops pulled out of Afghanistan. And yet, it has almost completely left the news cycle. Our withdrawal from the country was long overdue, regardless of whether or not you thought we should have ever been there in the first place. What did we accomplish? Basically nothing.

To quote The Who:

Then I’ll get on my knees and pray
We don’t get fooled again
Don’t get fooled again,
Meet the new boss
Same as the old boss

After 20 years, the Taliban is back in charge, promising to be a kinder, gentler regime. Of course, they still see the absolute need to execute people and cut off their hands, but at least they are considering doling out their version of justice in private rather than holding public executions. And their commitment to being more tolerant to women? To them, that means that until it is “safe” for women to attend school and go back to work, they should stay in their homes and not leave without a male escort. Before the Taliban took back control, it WAS safe for women to leave their homes. But today, women are in danger of beatings and attacks from the very Taliban police that are supposedly protecting them. What they’ve essentially done is banned women from education and employment. “We assure the international community that there will be no discrimination against women, but, of course, within the frameworks we have” said a Taliban spokesman.

It is no wonder that hundreds of thousands of people were doing anything that they could to escape the country before the United States left. And not just people who had worked with our government in an official or even unofficial capacity. People who knew their lives were in danger simply because they embraced freedom or have a different belief in God. Or God forbid, played on a girls soccer team. Imagine being so afraid for your life that you are willing to hold on to the wheel of a plane as it takes off.

Our last two episodes of the Kibbe on Liberty podcast have talked about the shockingly unplanned withdrawal and evacuation of both U.S. citizens and sympathetic Afghanis. First, Matt talks with Glenn Beck about his involvement in rescuing over 5,000 individuals from Afghanistan and how the state department fought him every step of the way. And then, we have a first-hand account from our friend Khalid Ramizy of his escape to Albania. Khalid was a particular target for the Taliban as he was the leader of the Afghanistan Economic and Legal Studies organization, a free market think tank based in Kabul.

You can watch both of them here:

The West Is in Serious Trouble | Guest: Glenn Beck | Ep 139
It’s Dangerous to Support Freedom in Afghanistan | Guest: Khalid Ramizy | Ep 140

As harrowing as these stories are, the real headline, one that can’t be buried by corporate media indifference, is about the unstoppable struggle for freedom and a better world exemplified by Khalid, and by Glenn’s heroic efforts to liberate Christian minorities from the Taliban’s grip.

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