A Meditation on Our Current Predicament

On the surface, this would seem to be a fair fight.

In the Second Amendment Corner stand people with business experience—(Motto: Better, faster, cheaper), sports experience—(Motto: When the going gets tough, the tough get going), and military experience—(Motto: Capitulation occurs after the enemy’s assets are depleted beyond replenishment).

In the Fabian Socialist Corner stand people with psychology backgrounds—(motto: Get touchy-feely with your inner child), theatre backgrounds—(Motto: All the world’s a stage and I’m the most important actor), and the unholy marriage of the two known euphemistically as marketing/public relations—(Motto: We can produce graphic demonstrations of “facts” that don’t exist anywhere outside our imagination).

Obviously a no-brainer: in a direct contest between the two groups, the Second Amendment should win hands down! Yet… yet… that doesn’t seem to happen nearly as often as it should. Why?

Isaac Asimov, in his original Foundation Trilogy, offers a possible answer with his explanation of the difference between thought control and mood control. In summary, he points out that to control the thoughts of any individual person is impossible. What IS possible however, is to create a “mood,” a “climate,” an “atmosphere” among a population of people that block the thoughts of all individuals when they attempt to communicate their thoughts to the larger group.

So, we have the example of ordinary English words and phrases converted into labels and epithets when skillfully manipulated by a literal army of socialist fellow travelers who use them to dominate the citizenry around them.

The phrase “risky tax cuts” overwhelms public policy discussions of the most heavily taxed American population in the history of the United States. The word “extremist” becomes an all purpose bludgeon applied against anyone who can’t or won’t accept the prevailing agenda of big government meddling in every aspect of life from birth to death.

This is “mood control” in action. A tyranny established over every element of public debate by well-equipped, well-trained and well-financed warriors in the army of the left who walk among us virtually unchallenged. The munitions these warriors use are measured in miles of video and audio tape, wattage of broadcast power, and tons of newsprint that examine and explore every facet of their philosophy and lay waste to every aspect and detail of the culture they oppose. They literally “live off the land” in termite fashion consuming the foundations of the structure that supports them.

While—We the People—of the Constitution have barely discovered the Gutenberg printing press, they—the Fabian Socialists—have taken our tax dollars to erect institutions and organizations to thwart our every move. The Federal Communications Commission, an organization that magically determines who shall own and build the fortresses known as television and radio; the Federal Election Commission, an organization which establishes dominion over the kind of people who can run for office and the terms under which they may get their hands on the levers of power known as taxation.

Self defense guru Jeff Cooper reminds us humans that fight with their minds. Any tool, whether a firearm or a video camera, is only an extension of that mind and is only effective if used in a deliberate and conscious fashion. Unless or until—We the People—of the Constitution start fielding crew-served weapons systems known as satellite uplink trucks with all the raw power of the broadcast television they represent; unless or until—We the People—of the Constitution develop the two man search-and-destroy teams known as the “On Air Personality and her Videographer,” we will lose every battle and every skirmish we enter.

At this late date, the luxury no longer exists of public debate, when the archival transcript of an event whether audio, video, or print is solely in the control of hostile forces. Now is time to seek out and acquire the facilities and equipment necessary to counterattack the tyranny of mood control that poisons every aspect of public discourse.

Everything we need to know can be found in the playbook written by the left over the last century. Let’s make a copy of that playbook and use the information to defend our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor before the “mood” turns ugly and we all enter a conflagration none of us seeks.

Are you with me lads? We may not have everything we need to triumph, but let us begin!

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TJ Kattermann

TJ Kattermann has lived a miraculous life in Raleigh, NC for the last half century as a revival handyman by day and a frequently unpublished author scribbling in his garret by night. Astounded yesterday's jokes have become today's reality ("come the apocalypse cotton balls and toilet paper will become the black market currency of choice" —circa 1995). He brings now his tales of past battles fought as he awaits an opportunity to serve the grandchildren of customers he first met two generations ago with ever more necessary one-man repairs and improvements from the simple to the complex.

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