TikTok Ban Is Really About Government Censorship

Matt Kibbe recently joined Will Cain on Fox to discuss proposed legislation to divest or outright ban TikTok. Like almost everything Congress does these days, this ill advised legislation is not what is advertised, but is in fact a blank check on Presidential power to censor or shut down social media platforms that become politically inconvenient. After revelations about executive branch bullying of social media companies on everything from the origins of COVID to Hunter Biden’s laptop, you would think that Republicans would have learned their lesson about giving so much discretionary power to government bureaucrats. You might think it, but you would be wrong.

Here is a clip where Matt talks Will Cain off the ledge of “good” government limits on social media.

Also, here is a short interview with Tulsi Gabbard where they discuss the TikTok ban as an extension of the Security State’s ongoing crackdown on free speech in America.

If you’re interested, here is the full conversation on Fox. It’s about a half hour long and Matt also discusses the thoughtful libertarian approach to immigration and border security.

At Free the People, we believe that there is a thoughtful libertarian take on even thorny issues, and we’re always ready to engage the debate on the left, and on the right.

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Terry Kibbe is Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Free the People.

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