The Patriot Act: More of the Same-Old Same-Old

Color me chagrined. When solicited to submit thoughts about the Patriot Act by the good people who staff the main office I was unaware this was to be an all-hands-on deck effort by the little writers’ coterie who hang around at freethepeople.org. Remarkably, I might be able to add some geezer insights to the contributions already available for public discourse.

To wit: We, the Exasperated, might do well to remind ourselves and each other how unsurprising a feral piece of legislation like the USA Patriot Act can come into existence at the blink of an eye even in this Representative Constitutional Republic of these United States.

For instance, students of The Whiskey Rebellion know the ink was barely dry on the ratified Constitution when President Washington mobilized 10,000 members of the same American Militia that stumbled their way through the Colonial Revolution to suppress opposition to Alexander Hamilton’s fever dream of a gigantic bureaucracy of clerks whose task would be to administer a comprehensive tax on distilled spirits. They marched right up to the American Frontier of the day (Western Pennsylvania), rounded up the usual suspects, dragged a handful back to civilization and the whole affair more or less fizzled when the powers-that-be decided maybe, sort of, kind of, this was not a great idea. Or so I have been told.

Another fine cluster foxtrot of the early Republic introduced the Alien and Sedition Acts.

Not to be outdone, the 20th century gave We, the Trampled, a Sedition Act Redux.

In fact, the Wilson Administration was a virtual cornucopia of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object to evince a design to reduce the great unwashed masses from coast to coast and sea to shining sea under absolute despotism.

The IRS, the FBI, or the Federal Reserve, are all at minimum aconstitutional if not outright unconstitutional and yet, they continue unchallenged to this day.

While intergenerational conspiracies may not be common, intergenerational cults and behaviors must be examined at some point.

We, the Frayed Collar Workers, must acknowledge the opposition we confront is a hive mind—a self-aware, self-actualizing Bolshevik entity integrated vertically and horizontally.

To translate: if some peanut farmer in the heartland has even the semblance of an idea to advance the cause of code compliance bureaucracy that notion will travel rapidly through the ranks and reach a secure government SCIF within days.

Conversely, no one needs to tell true believers what to do when they encounter a random free range member of the loyal opposition in a grocery store. They must immediately administer the joy and wonder of an ad hoc harangue right then and right there on the spot.

Destruction of a middle class is not new. The Versailles Treaty enraged the German population to the point of total war.

Stalin redefined a word—Kulak—when he declared war on the prosperity of the Russian middle class.

Today, caste stratification between the effete elite in the executive suite and pedestrian Americans has reached Marie Antoinettian levels. Let them eat taxes.

Whoever programs Joe Biden’s teleprompter has no trouble posting one egregious whopper after another. Gas was $5.00 a gallon when Joe took office. Remove food and energy costs from the Consumer Price Index and the economy is booming. People need to buy premium electric vehicles to comply with Green Agenda mandates. Lies on an order of magnitude previously unuttered even by American politicians.

Here in the Shire, as members of the largest political party in the United States (Unaffiliated), we understand the phrases “bipartisan support,” “common sense legislation,” and “reach across the aisle” are all just code for the one party rule of the Kakistocracy, by the Kakistocracy, for the Kakistocracy.

Even now, with clear signs of impending tribulation, neither Pastor Allen Jackson nor Pastor David Jeremiah will be likely to relinquish their pulpits to a modern Patrick Henry’s declaration “Give me liberty or give me death!”

Unless or until We, the People, seek God’s Grace to take charge of our own affairs, America will be neither saved nor great again. Expect to see many more laws and restrictions emerge out of the code compliance pipeline built on the foundation of legislation pioneered by the Patriot Act.

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TJ Kattermann

TJ Kattermann has lived a miraculous life in Raleigh, NC for the last half century as a revival handyman by day and a frequently unpublished author scribbling in his garret by night. Astounded yesterday's jokes have become today's reality ("come the apocalypse cotton balls and toilet paper will become the black market currency of choice" —circa 1995). He brings now his tales of past battles fought as he awaits an opportunity to serve the grandchildren of customers he first met two generations ago with ever more necessary one-man repairs and improvements from the simple to the complex.

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