The Deep State Consists of Every Progressive

Progressive legislators, executives, judges, and administrators must be deprived of their administrative states and government-employment privileges. Progressive cronies must be denied influence.

“Progressive” is the brand identity that socialists have used effectively in the USA to get socialist politicians elected and get socialist policies operating.

Progressives, like all socialists, support placing all human action under political control by governments.

Limiting political control by governments is the purpose of the Constitution’s key rules and sanctions. The key rules call for each government person to keep himself inside his own boundaries. The sanctions require each government person to keep other government people inside their own boundaries.

Progressive Structures

Progressive politicians create and operate a system that confuses the fact that they remain in ultimate control and are breathtakingly corrupt. This system of wizardry is the administrative state. The administrative state is Progressive political actors’ get-out-of-responsibility-free card.

The administrative state consists of departments, agencies, and government-chartered organizations. Each of these defend against the Constitution’s sanctions by going on offense, blatantly defying the Constitution’s rules that create requirements for governments’ structures.

Many of the administrative state’s component organizations exercise unlimited, unenumerated powers. They unconstitutionally exercise legislative powers that are vested solely in congresses. They exercise executive powers under the unconstitutional oversight of congresses. They unconstitutionally exercise judicial powers that are vested solely in the judicial branch. They unconstitutionally don’t exercise offsetting powers to limit others in governments.

Progressive Individuals

Progressives in government not only collectively operate the unconstitutional administrative state but also individually defy the Constitution. Progressive legislators, executives, judges, and administrators don’t use their constitutional powers to limit others in governments, which brazenly violates their oaths of office.

Progressive congresspeople don’t use their powers to pass rules of engagement, declare war, draft and revise treaties, and decide tariffs. They do grab executive powers to organize operations, set line-item budgets, dictate who gets hired, and oversee operations.

Progressive presidents accept the legislative power to enact rules of engagement. They accept life-and-death legislative power when they command troops in war without war declarations. They accept the legislative powers to draft and revise treaties and to decide tariffs. They don’t rebuff legislative grabs of their executive powers to organize operations, set line-item budgets, hire employees, and manage operations.

Power Wielded

A person’s actions to defy the Constitution’s limits, and a person’s support for such actions, are the measures of the force of that person’s Progressivism.

The true Deep State consists of all Progressives:

  • The Progressives in government who wield the most power, including all Democrats and the 70% of Republicans who are less than 80% pro-liberty, are the Progressive congresspeople. Legislators’ constitutional power to pass law is greater than executives’ constitutional power to execute law, which is greater than judges’ constitutional power to opine on cases. As noted, Progressive congresspeople unconstitutionally create, organize, fund, and oversee the unconstitutional administrative state.
  • The Progressives in government who wield the next-most power are the Progressive presidents. As noted, Progressive presidents unconstitutionally accept the legislatures’ powers over war, treaties, and tariffs, and Progressive presidents unconstitutionally don’t limit the administrative state but instead market the administrative state.
  • The Progressives in government who wield the next-most power after that are the Progressive judges. Progressive judges narrowly tailor opinions to avoid broadly limiting the administrative state and the Progressive politicians.
  • The Progressives in government who wield the next-most power after that are the Progressive administrators. As noted, Progressive administrators unconstitutionally legislate, unconstitutionally execute under Progressive congresspeople’s direction, and unconstitutionally judge.
  • The Progressives in government who wield the least power are the Progressive state-government people. Constitutionally they have the most scope for action, and in practice they have the most police and the most other employees. But instead, these Progressives submit.
  • The Progressives outside government who exercise the most influence are the many activist cronies and business cronies.

Curing the Cancer

Personnel is control. All Progressive government organizations must be closed and repealed, and vigilance must be kept up through broken-windows policing.

All Progressives in all governments must be rooted out. All Progressives outside governments must be denied any openings to influence any people in any governments.

Freedom is conceptually simple. But freedom demands follow-through.

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James Anthony

James Anthony is an experienced chemical engineer who applies process design, dynamics, and control to government processes. He is the author of The Constitution Needs a Good Party and rConstitution Papers, the publisher of rConstitution.us, and an author in Daily Caller, The Federalist, American Thinker, American Greatness, Mises Institute, and Foundation for Economic Education. For more information, see his media and about pages.

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