Renewed Mandates are Just Around the Corner

As COVID-19 variant BA.2 rips through Asia and Europe, those of us that are exhausted of mask mandates are very wary of their return. For others, however, living maskless again is a fearful prospect. I’ve witnessed this fear first hand, living in deep blue Washington, DC. Since the end of DC’s mask mandates, I’ve been berated more than once for showing my face—once inside a gym and another time outside at a park.

The mandates may be gone for now, but masks are still popular with liberals. There’s nothing stopping them from reinstating them whenever sickness strikes.

Despite functionally-universal vaccine accessibility, deeply-liberal areas of the U.S. persist with masking policies. In New York City, for example, parents have had to go so far as to sue the city over mask mandates to prevent liberal policymakers from extending them any further.

Universities across the nation are extending mask mandates on their campuses, despite vaccination rates of over 90%, and despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of their students fall into the demographic with the least risk.

It does not help that trusted figures such as Dr. Anthony Fauci and the CDC have done a terrible job of messaging the true risks of contracting COVID-19 for younger people or for the vaccinated. Both Fauci and the CDC have lied and provided contradicting information whenever it proved convenient.

This hysteria will likely lead to a reimposition of mask mandates once the new variant starts to tear through the U.S. Instead of trying to calm the nerves of their constituents, politicians will likely decide to placate their irrationalities by reestablishing mask mandates piecemeal, as they’ve done before, with masks required in gyms and schools, but not at restaurants and bars. Apparently, COVID stops spreading once you’re eating and drinking. So much for following the science.

We’ve seen the futility of these restrictions in real-time. California, which has some of the most onerous restrictions has struggled with the virus as much as Florida, which has virtually no restrictions at all.

Instead of making us all sit through another pointless and frustrating series of mask mandates, politicians need to be honest with us all: Coronavirus is not going anywhere, and we need to learn to live with it.

As new variants continue to mutate, we will have various waves which could result in an increase of cases. Those that are vaccinated are overwhelmingly safe from serious illness and hospitalization. Immunocompromised people should continue to take boosters and wear an N95 for additional protection. Research now shows that one-way masking works.

Though liberals have shown insufferable smugness throughout this entire pandemic, there’s a stunning lack of evidence to justify their policies. I guess some folks like the mask mandates and restrictions because they enjoy having a feeling of moral superiority. TV execs, knowing this, exploited these character flaws for subscriptions.

What we currently know about BA.2 shows that it is no more deadly than the Omicron variant and vaccines are just as effective in protecting against it. As politicians become tempted to reinstate mask mandates, keep in mind that they are not protecting you.

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Corey Walker

Corey Walker is a history major at the University of Michigan with a love of studying public policy, education, and economics.

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