Leaving the Left for Liberty: Series Launch

What motivates a person to muster up courage in a time when it’s quite controversial to step out as an individual? And how many of us are there? Sienna Mae Heath has a plan to find out. In Free the People’s new series, Leaving the Left for Liberty, Sienna talks with whistleblowers, dissidents, and other alternative voices in the Western world who have left the culture of the political Left for more creative freedom, professional freedom, and personal freedom. They’re not necessarily leaving the Left for the Right. They are libertarians, independents, classically liberal, and newly outspoken voices, all cutting ties with dogma and in search of something new. No issue is off the table. We’ll explore critical race theory, woke comedy, censorship, mandates, the tango of individualism and collectivism, the desire for honest art, and more.

This series is also available as a podcast on your app of choice. Follow Sienna Mae Heath on Instagram @sovereign_sienna or Facebook @sienna.m.heath.

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Sienna Mae Heath

Sienna Mae Heath was once a pessimistic liberal, but has now awakened as an optimistic independent. She’s living in between, part of the bridge generation trying to find unity and truth for us all. As the star and writer of the micro-documentary "Real Unity" produced by Free the People and screened at the Anthem Film Festival (FreedomFest) 2021, she welcomes her fellow Americans to share their journeys of political sovereignty #IDeclareMyFreedom.

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  • Establishment orthodoxy can be a vast problem for individual freedom. “Someone” knows what is correct and proper, but that is not you.

    A cultural tribal identity can be established by those granted power — power corrupts, though.

    Standing up does require strength, courage, and sovereignty. Dogma is potent as the strength of the establishment orthodoxy. Submission is not the same concept as a commonality of ‘unity’ concepts in a diversity of persons.

    We need to get a good feel for the difference between persecution and debate based upon personal insights.

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