Joe Biden and His Puppet Masters

I’m a Democrat. I’m a Republican. I’m a Libertarian. I’m an Independent. All of these would apply to me and how I’ve voted during my lifetime. For the past 10 years or so I’ve side more with the Republican party, although this has flexed from time to time depending on the candidate pool and what they believe. I tell you this because I want it known that I’m not a Democratic party hater anymore than I’m a lover of the Republican party. If I’m being honest, I believe both parties are deeply flawed, corrupt and neither is providing us with the America that had been outlined by our founding fathers. Truth and liberty have been replaced with lies and constraints on our freedom. This brings me to our current president and situation.

Joe Biden is not a great president. I have zero doubt he was an effective senator and vice president (regardless of whether I agreed with his policies, he was effective) at one time, but this is very much in the rear view mirror. This is a president who is completely shielded by the media on a daily basis and yet, we still have video of him stumbling over his words, fumbling to find where he needs to exit from the stage, or physically stumbling off of a stage after a speech. America deserves better but somehow not all of us know it or are saying anything about it. This is a president who has a series of handlers helping him every step of the way, attempting to provide direction on what he needs to do and when, and he still has issues finding his way. I honestly feel sorry for him and for the American people that this is the best option that was available to us.

“He’s better than Trump.” This is the standard line I hear from most people on why they voted for him. I don’t disagree but it has less to do with Trump and more to do with the American media and how both are portrayed. Trump was branded a racist early on and perhaps there’s truth to it. There’s enough footage of him uttering negative references directed at marginalized communities to make this argument. I won’t debate this as there’d be no point anyway; such is his polarizing power to either love or hate him. I will, however, debate that Joe Biden doesn’t somehow fall into a similar category. There’s plenty of historical video showing Biden making insensitive remarks about people of color over the years. Most people in power would look down on marginalized communities, owing more to their economic situation than anything else. The difference is, Biden is presented as a caring and kind president who has your best interest at heart. Anyone who says differently is branded a “Right Wing Republican” or “MAGA Trumper” who wants nothing more than to slander a sitting president. I’m neither of these but I firmly believe our country is being led by a series of oligarchs bent on destroying the civil liberties we currently enjoy (COVID lockdowns are a perfect example). Joe Biden is the perfect shill to help further this agenda, given his lack of acuity and daily declining cognitive ability. Again, to say otherwise is the very definition of insanity.

As far as I can tell, the bigger problem doesn’t have anything to do with Joe Biden the person. I firmly believe America is now managed by a uni-party system. Meaning, Democrats and Republicans argue and yell to each other’s face but pat each other on the back during closed door sessions. Why would I believe this? The war on Ukraine is a perfect example. Both parties are in support of a war because of the money involved. Wars make politicians rich, which is really all that matters in the end. Although their philosophical ways to govern may differ, furthering their bank account is all that matters in the end. This would explain how a senator or congressman making < $200K a year in salary is a multi millionaire within 5-10 years in office. It’s fascinating to me that this would be considered a conspiracy theory when it’s so blatantly in your face for all to see. Trump was impeached twice and has now been indicted on charges he mishandled confidential documents. You’ve hopefully noticed that although there has been an outcry of injustice from some Republicans, most would be fine if he were put in prison forever. You've also hopefully noticed that Hunter Biden got a slap on the wrist while our esteemed President hasn't been indicted let alone questioned (aside from a few reporters who have been panned for even suggesting he was involved) on his role in anything scandalous. This brings us back to the uni-party concept and the money to be made by allowing a puppet president to remain in office. And let’s be clear, Joe Biden is indeed a puppet president. He’s the perfect AI-generated human bot, able to regurgitate the narrative needed to further an agenda of totalitarian like control and state owned media. Don’t believe me about the media? To prove my point, I’d like to reference an article I received from The New York Times several months ago. To be fair, this was an opinion piece so it’s not considered “news” although the difference between the two is pretty gray anyway. I’ve provided his thoughts in italics and then added my comments after.

The article was called, “Good morning. As Biden starts his campaign, we ask why he doesn’t spend more time in the public eye,” by David Leonhardt.

Strange as it may sound, the American government can function without a healthy president. The U.S. marched toward victory in World War II while Franklin Roosevelt was ailing in 1944 and 1945. Four decades later, the government managed its relationship with a teetering Soviet Union while Ronald Reagan’s mental capacities slipped. In each case, White House aides, Cabinet secretaries and military leaders performed well despite the lack of a fully engaged leader.

I somewhat understand the comparison to Reagan since the former president was diagnosed with Alzheimers shortly after his presidency (1994), but the evidence on whether he suffered from a cognitive decline during his presidency is not widely accepted. The fact that he would use this in his argument is a massive stretch. A bigger stretch is his use of FDR. The man had polio as a child which crippled him and confined him to a wheelchair, a degeneration of the body is very different than that of the mind. This is both irresponsible and quite honestly ridiculous.

At 80, Biden can be an unsteady public performer. He occasionally uses the wrong word or fails to summon a name. Some of these habits are not new, to be sure. Biden has a stutter, which can make it seem as if he can’t remember words when in fact he is struggling to enunciate them. He has also long been known for saying things that he probably shouldn’t.

Ahh yes, the stutter. This became a much more pronounced argument during his presidential run. He may have a stutter, I half believe this could be true, but where was it when he was younger? I’ve watched many of Biden’s clips when he was younger and there is no notice of a stutter. Perhaps it becomes more pronounced in a person as they grow older or (a more probable answer is) it’s a convenient way to avoid his cognitive decline coming into question. The King of England, George VI had a stutter, they even made a movie about it (The King’s Speech). Yet, when I’ve gone back and listened to any of his WWII speeches to the people of Great Britain, he appears to be resolute and in command. I’m hard pressed to feel the same way when I listen to President Biden.

Leonhardt does go on to say:

“Biden living up to his gaffe-prone reputation,” read a Times headline in 2008, when he was only 65. That same year, Slate magazine wrote, “He misspeaks so often, it’s hardly news—and hardly damaging.”

But aging does seem to have exacerbated these issues. In the upcoming campaign, you can imagine that a verbal misstep could cause some swing voters to wonder whether Biden is up for a second term.

Give credit where it’s due here, he does mention aging and the potential of “exacerbated these issues” but refused to take a stance one way or the other. It’s pretty plain to see there’s an issue here, I’ll state what he won’t since I’m beholden to no one other than myself.

There certainly are reasons to think that Biden is up for both the substantive and performative parts of the job. He looked sharp during his State of the Union address this year, trading verbal volleys with congressional Republicans.

One of my favorites. He had a good speech and was able to make salient points that were both clear and concise to members of congress. Well, congratulations, you’re doing what a president is supposed to do. Keep in mind, he’s not being given credit for what he’s saying at this point, simply for coherently speaking without fumbling around or forgetting what’s on the teleprompter right in front of him.

There you have it. Just one article among a daily barrage of positive and fawning coverage of a man who is undeserving of it. Don’t we want more? Don’t we deserve more than this? Are we going to re-elect a man who’s clearly past his prime simply because he’s a member of the part you “root for?” I have news for you, the Democratic party you knew as a child is long gone, replaced with a Progressive leftism bent on destroying America from the inside out. Joe Biden is simply the shadow president we have in place to further this agenda. There is hope in the likes of fringe candidates like; Vivek Ramaswamy, Robert F Kennedy Jr. and Tim Scott. Each are unlikely to make major strides regardless of their views and the fact they could do infinitely better by America than what we currently have in place.

Joe Biden put it best recently, “God Save the Queen, man.” I couldn’t agree more Joe, Lady Liberty is our queen and she deserves saving. Cross your party lines and let’s figure this thing out, our country and our sanity depends on it.

This article was originally published on Reverian.

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