Hillary’s Latest Whopper: Force Is a Last Resort

Laughably trying to portray herself as fundamentally peaceful, Hillary Clinton in a recent forum uttered the statement “I view force as a last resort.” Of course, she was referring to foreign policy, but it’s an interesting claim in that virtually every position Mrs. Clinton holds involves the extensive use of force.

Let’s not delude ourselves: Government is force. To anyone who thinks otherwise, try not paying your taxes, or operating a business without the required licenses or paperwork and see what happens. Voluntary cooperation is called the free market. Where the government interferes with that cooperation, it does so by force.

German sociologist Franz Oppenheimer distinguished between these ideas. He wrote:

There are two fundamentally opposed means whereby man…is impelled to obtain the necessary means for satisfying his desires. These are work and robbery, one’s own labor and the forcible appropriation of the labor of others…I propose…to call one’s own labor and the equivalent exchange of one’s own labor for the labor of others, the “economic means”…while the unrequited appropriation of the labor of others will be called the “political means.”

Hillary Clinton is the living embodiment of the political means.

Let’s take a look at few of Mrs. Clinton’s favorite policy proposals, and see to what extent force is really her last resort.


Hillary is well known as the author of the book It Takes a Village, in which she argues in favor of the state’s role in education. She opposes most forms of school choice, and thinks the federal government is a better judge of where and how your child should be educated than you, the parent. Of course, you can try to keep your kid out of school, but if he gets noticed by some truant offer, he will be quickly dragged kicking and screaming back into the cold embrace of government education. By force.


In a recent speech, Hillary proposed raising taxes in seven different ways. One can’t help but wonder how she plans to collect those taxes. As an individual, you can always keep your money hidden under your mattress, but sooner or later, you should expect dark-suited men to show up at your door to take it from you. That is, if they haven’t already frozen your assets and drained your bank accounts without your consent. You know, by force.


Hillary is no fan of guns. She doesn’t want you to have them. And while she may not be proposing an all out weapons seizure program right now, she has previously supported an Australian-style buyback and a ban on, at minimum, certain types of rifles. Get caught with a type of gun Hillary doesn’t want you to have? Don’t expect to have your freedom for long. Your property will be taken, and you’ll be carted off to jail. By force.

Wars, wars, wars

The fact that Hillary’s initial statement was in reference to foreign policy is quite amusing when you consider that she never met a war she didn’t support, including those in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Yemen, and Ukraine. Well, not so amusing for the friends and family of the more than one million lives lost in those wars, I guess.

Hillary views force as a last resort for policy in the same way a wolf views grazing sheep as a last resort for dinner. Her entire agenda, on everything from health care to the environment, is based around using the power of government to force other people to do what she wants them to. And God help anyone who stands in her way.

This article originally appeared on Conservative Review.

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