Happy 4th of July from Free the People

Matt and Terry Kibbe have escaped Washington, DC to the middle of nowhere in Alaska, and it reminds us of everything that we love about America. They’ve been drinking beer, listening to live concerts legally, dodging grizzly bears, and hiking all over the Denali National Park. Once you get outside of the bubble, you realize that this country is just fantastic—not just because it’s physically beautiful, but because the idea of America is beautiful. It’s about people like you, pursuing your dreams, regardless of what anyone else thinks, as long as you don’t hurt people or take their stuff. So this Fourth of July, drink to that.

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Matt Kibbe

Matt Kibbe is the President and Chief Community Organizer of Free the People. He is a leading advocate for personal, civil and economic liberties. An economist by training, Kibbe is a public policy expert, bestselling author, and political commentator. He also known for his podcast, Kibbe on Liberty.

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