Free the People’s Award-Winning Performance at FreedomFest

I just got back from FreedomFest 2018, and boy are my arms tired! Sorry, I guess I caught a bit of the show biz bug at the glamorous Paris Hotel, where this year’s gathering of liberty-minded individuals from all over the country was one of our most successful yet.

Five days in Las Vegas is enough to tax the hardiest of constitutions, but the effort was well worth it. I want to bring you up to speed on the amazing experiences Free the People had this year at FreedomFest.

Let’s start with the biggest news: our film Off the Grid with Thomas Massie, profiling the Kentucky congressman’s unique lifestyle and commitment to living his values, won not just one, but two awards at the Anthem Film Festival!

We took home the highly-coveted Audience Choice Award, as well as Best Libertarian Values in a Short Documentary.

This was especially meaningful, because it showed that not only the judges, but the audience is responding to what we are doing. It’s a huge honor, and we hope to be back again next year with a brand new film.

Beyond the film festival, the Free the People team got to show off their communication skills on a variety of panels. Terry Kibbe, Kara Pally, and Matt Battaglia talked about how to fight the social media algorithm and get your content seen by a large audience, while Matt Kibbe addressed the perils of being a liberty-leaning politician with Sen. Mike Lee, Rep. Thomas Massie, and Rep. Tom Garrett on the main stage.

Both Matt Kibbe and Matt Battaglia received acclaim for their work as published authors, with Kibbe signing copies of his #2 New York Times Bestseller, Don’t Hurt People and Don’t Take Their Stuff, and Battaglia autographing his graphic novel, Indoctrination.

As always, Free the People manned a booth to introduce our mission to the conference attendees. After three years of attending FreedomFest, our ideas are really starting to resonate with people.

I’ve never seen more enthusiasm for our work as video producers and communicators, telling stories about liberty that motivate and inspire rather than preach and lecture.

The launch of our brand new online shop was a success as well; we’ve already received dozens of orders for our exclusive merchandise featuring Matt Battaglia’s striking graphic design. Now that everyone can get our stickers, we expect to see them popping up all over the world. Be sure to tag @freethepeople on Instagram!

Overall, it was a thrilling experience, with the most exciting thing being the knowledge the we are really starting to make our mark, not just on the liberty community, but as we reach out to ever broader audiences to promote the ideas of freedom and responsibility. I can’t wait to do it again next year. But maybe I’ll get a little sleep first.

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Logan Albright

Logan Albright is the Head Writer and Sound Engineer at Free the People. He is the author of Conform or Be Cast Out: The (Literal) Demonization of Nonconformists and Our Servants, Our Masters: How Control Masquerades as Assistance.

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