COVID Is No Longer a Public Health Emergency

When the pandemic first began, the world came to a standstill and governing bodies around the world were puzzled about how to deal with the novel coronavirus. Since then, the medical establishment has marched in lockstep to advance a meaningless consensus around COVID policy. In the face of new vaccine authorizations as well as new data behind natural immunity, it’s time to stop the COVID theatrics and end the public health emergency.

The Food and Drug Administration authorized the Moderna and Pfizer mRNA vaccine for children down to 6-months-old through emergency use authorization (EUA). Public health agencies have long neglected that healthy children have an extremely low risk of developing severe COVID and death. A German study discovered all unvaccinated deaths in children aged 5-17 had a comorbidity, meaning no healthy child in this age group died.

U.K. data shows that 75 percent of child deaths from COVID took place in the population’s 8 percent who are immunocompromised.

What’s more is that the studies used by the FDA and CDC were far too small to achieve any statistical significance, meaning that the agencies gave the companies free rein to extrapolate efficacy for mild and severe COVID infection by using data from older age groups already authorized.

Additionally, Pfizer’s study had used a confidence statistic so extreme that it resulted in a 370 percent increased risk of contracting COVID. Even the CDC’s own slides described the efficacy data with “very low certainty” with “very serious concerns for imprecision due to study size.”

Worst of all, the new vaccine guidance comes at the same time when incidence rates of vaccine-induced myocarditis and pericarditis among male adolescents are skyrocketing.

The EUA has become a tool that has continued to be exploited to prioritize unnecessary COVID measures. Before we had a life-saving vaccine, EUAs seemed to be our only glimmer of hope to move on from the pandemic. Yet, more than two years in, EUAs have become a politicized weapon and only prevent thorough research to find answers toward long-term research.

Regardless of our delusional public health guidance, our medical establishment has continued to dismiss one critical aspect of COVID: natural immunity.

CDC data from February 2022 shows that 75 percent of adolescent children aged 0-17 have already contracted COVID and estimations could be higher due to the high contagion nature of Omicron. Further data from the CDC shows that natural immunity is 2.8 times more effective in preventing severe illness and hospitalization than vaccine immunity. Another study from Johns Hopkins University found that antibodies were present in 99 percent of 295 unvaccinated individuals who had COVID almost two years post-infection.

An Israeli study even found natural immunity being more than 27 times as effective than vaccinated immunity when preventing symptomatic illness. For the cherry on top, the world-renowned New England Journal of Medicine published earlier this month not only is natural immunity superior to vaccine immunity but lasts more than twice as long.

The CDC and FDA, who are supposed to be the gold standard of disease and medicine-related policy, have turned a deaf ear to effective COVID policy which will have irreversible ramifications in the future.

Since the beginning of the novel coronavirus, the CDC and FDA has flipped from being scientific agencies to political arms. The agencies have failed to successfully balance public health with Americans’ well-being and instead prioritize tasks given by the chief executive and other institutional authorities.

Whether it’s masking, vaccination guidance, or reviewing COVID data, our public health’s absolute dismissal of acting as independent government agencies during the COVID era is disgraceful. They have proven to not be impartial and, by extension, are not adequately scientific. The precarious nature of Americans’ skepticism in our federal agencies has dug a deep hole, especially when it comes to the CDC and FDA deciding new policy.

During the past two years, a time filled with angst and chaotic uncertainty, our agencies only fueled scientific questions with political responses. It’s about time that science continues as a transcendent subject that can be met with objectiveness rather than a partisan political instrument.

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Jorge Velasco

Jorge Velasco (@velascoAjorge) is a sophomore at George Mason University’s Schar School of Policy and Government.

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