COVID-19 Vaccines Reek of Crony Capitalism

“If the natural tendencies of mankind are so bad that it is not safe to permit people to be free, how is it that the tendencies of these organizers are always good? Do not the legislators and their appointed agents also belong to the human race? Or do they believe that they themselves are made of a finer clay than the rest of mankind?” —Frédéric Bastiat, The Law

I spent the last week in California taking my family to some of our favorite locations in what I have always perceived as the gold standard for the American “State.” When I was a kid, California was the land of dreams. The ocean, palm trees, endless activity, and a sense of innovation around every corner made it a place, that for me, was the pinnacle of geography and creativity. I wanted to be there. It seemed like a paradise sandwiched between sea and mountains that attracted the brightest and most incredible of the American people.

My opinions have changed significantly in the last 40 years of travel to this once great state—and my last vacation affirmed my from-afar observed biases that the long slow decline of California is accelerating precipitously quickly. As I have heard before from other commentators on politics and society, “All trains stop, but it makes a significant difference if it stops on the top or the bottom of the cliff.” California has made its decisions for the outcome of that ending and they are not with prudence. California is however a fenestella out to the future that is upon us—especially regarding government control and the cincture tightening around our liberty minded existences.

A small contextualization for my writing: my family is choosing to not get the vaccine. This seemingly personal and private choice has been something that for all of my adult life has been a health care driven decision, left to me and my doctors. Logically perusing the horizon of what might be coming and the endless cycles of fifteen days to flatten your life that we have been subjected to, we decided that it might be a good choice to say our “goodbyes” to the golden state and see some of these incredible spaces “one last time.” Admittedly, no final decisions have been handed down from the wizards of smart about vaccine passports, mandates for air travel, etc., but the assumptions we are making about the restrictions that are likely coming are not uneducated guesses given the worship of safety being offered at the alter of the governments.

These authoritarian insistences are likely steps headed in our direction. I have no doubt that within a short window, if trends continue on their current trajectories, my family and I will be second class citizens; excluded from daily luxuries like travel and amusement for our unwillingness to puncture our arms with a vaccine rushed to the collusion-laden marketplace of pharmaceuticals. We generally are not a family predisposed to vaccinations in our pre-COVID lives. We have always tried to live a healthy life and calculate our risks wisely based upon a multitude of factors. My children have some vaccinations, as do my wife and I, but we are not instant adaptors of these innovations.

I admit that there are plenty of vaccines that are valuable and have prolonged the lifespans of humanity for the good. I also know that at this point in the course of those longer standing vaccines, they are well tested, have their side effects documented AND are produced in a more realistic free marketplace where the incentives, for instance to produce the Polio vaccines, are relegated to patent-free sales that are in line with a normal competitive marketplace and its typical demands.

Everything about the COVID-19 vaccines reeks of crony capitalist stench.

Rushed to market by the governments, stamped as “safe” by their unelected forever bureaucracies, paid for with fiat currency printed at the paper waterfalls of the Federal Reserve, and then assigned as tax liabilities of myself and my unnamed and un-envisioned great grandchildren, these are not merely vaccines for public good but instead protected profit centers for the well-lawyered and well-funded.

Our trip to California was its usual lovely self, save the homeless presence at every bench or park in sight, we enjoyed the familiar places of entertainment—the beach, the restaurants, Disneyland, and others. It had a lovely sentimentality about it; beautiful and frenetic. Even driving on the 405 was invigorating and brought joy to my soul knowing that this might be our last adventure like this. I have lived a luxurious life. I know that for many reading this, these kinds of spontaneous vacations, ahead of a political recall that assure our abilities to enjoy a vacation in relative freedom, are not options. I realize that lamenting about not being able to go to California again, and my sadness related to that, is an overly first world problem. Some might say, “What the hell man? Who wants to go stand around at Disneyland anyway?” But something in this admittance that this might be my “last time” traveling deeply troubled me. Why am I even contemplating that my life will be limited in the future? Why is it my responsibility, via vaccine, to make sure everyone around me is safe? None of this has ever been a part of the American experience I know.

The meme culture has said all it should about the duplicitous, tricipilous, and quadrupulous foolishness of the governmental edicts and how nonsensical the entire COVID landscape of rule making is. This current world is so jarring to so many of us because we have never been responsible for anyone else’s health or our societies health, let alone responsible to such an extent that I will now be limited in the life I can participate in. Nonetheless this is now the reality of the fruited plain landscape—and it’s criminal.

You can turn on any television or YouTube video stream and see a parade of useless politicians, unelected officials, celebrity experts and doctors willing to Faucifiy information about how everything we’ve always known about medicine and virus treatments should now discarded to the the ash heap of mediaeval medicine.

They spin fanciful tales to help satisfy their own mental gymnastics and cover their backsides—and more nefariously, increase their influence and power over the public. None of this is medicine. None of this is for true protection or useful as help to heal the sick. This is purely assignable to the tendency of mankind—power corrupts and it corrupts absolutely.

Blame this on whatever you want—I have a long list of culprits: education, university culture, television, the military industrial complex, etc. They all play a part in the dismantling of our Western civilization building blocks. No matter how you name it, no matter who you blame, the pathway back to rationality is a long one and will require a vigilance amongst liberty loving people not seen in multiple generations. I do believe with more conviction than any moment in my life that the first step is to call this authoritarian experiment exactly what it is: evil. Natural law is being smashed into oblivion with every ridiculous edict, order, or proclamation parroted down to the plebes at the Governmental Thuggery. For nearly 2 years, we have watched, remained relatively silent, and acquiesced to the rules. There was very little civil disobedience, very little palpable anger, and even less action holding any of these Caryatid-implanted baureocrats to account. So if my frustration over not being able to see “Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln” at Disneyland is my call to rebellion over these anti-Natural Law measures… what is yours?

Will it be when you can’t go to work without a jab passport or an Algerian hook torture technique called the PCR test shoved up your nose every week to determine if you have the Chinese-manufactured disease or any of its Rumplestiltskin variants? How about when your kids can’t go to school, or karate, or a friends birthday party? Will it be when they require some kind of digital tracing as they do in Australia? Maybe it will be on your way into the prisons or execution halls for your last few moments of life.

Where will your breaking point be?

Mine, as silly as it might sound to others, was that I love to stand around at Disneyland. I love the creativity, the people, the churros, the quality, all of it. I don’t want that taken away from me as a human! My pleasures and opportunities should always be available to me in a “free country.” I should be able to travel where I want. Say what I want. Buy what I want. Be what I want. I would ask others to contemplate what makes you break? Don’t let the edict du jour be just another rule you bow down to. Vaccines are fine—but they are my choice as they are yours. They are my prerogative to make a part of my body—not the collective’s. It’s time to break away from the philosophical, beer drinking coziness of esoteric debate and aggressively fight for the lives we know we have been gifted by Natural Law. If there were ever a time to truly resist the atherosclerosis of government burden it is now.

James Otis, the philosophical leader of the American Revolution said it well centuries ago: “It is a clear truth that those who every day barter away other men’s liberty will soon care little for their own.” Your liberty is being bartered, sold, exchanged, whored, and stolen for the safety of others. Is that the outcome you want? Is this the world you want your children, or anyone else’s, to grow up in? Are you willing to keep saying “yes” to the nameless criminals who pass their edicts down to you to ruin your existence? Say “no” at every ask, at every demand for a passport. Tell these villainous parasites to “go to Hell” when they demand you accede your safety for the preservation of others. Your life is not subjected to the collective. We are not obligated as liberty loving people to make sure that the world has a tolerable outcome.

I close with this thought:

“Man holds these rights, not from the Collective nor for the Collective, but against the Collective—as a barrier which the Collective cannot cross… these rights are man’s protection against all other men.” —Ayn Rand

We have all gently and reasonably tried for decades to persuade our fellow humans that liberty is beautiful. We have argued, written, spoken well. We have spent compassion on their ignorance and assigned their lack of movement to the dastardly realities of the world we live in. “Time is up”, as they might say. Your life is going to change because they will not have the same compassion on us as we had for them—and this time they believe they have a moral imperative to smash you. We are becoming the enemy because we believe in Natural Law and liberty. We still believe we should have the freedom of choice, association, travel, commerce, and any other non-communal driven drivel. Their tolerance for our behaviors and choices will not be received nearly as compassionately as we received theirs. So when the decisions come for you to decide how much more of your life you want to give up, what will you do?

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Aaron Everitt

Aaron Everitt is an entrepreneur from Colorado, a father of four, and an avid skier and fly fisherman. He has his bachelors in theology from Rocky Mountain College in Alberta Canada. He currently works in real estate and development specializing in land use.

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