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The Concise Guide to Economics

 Author: Jim Cox  Category: Liberty.me Books  Published: 1995  File Size: 595.4 KB  Download

This is the shortest and soundest guide to economic logic available. If you’ve never learned the workings of economic logic, then this is a book for you.

The Concise Guide To Economics is a quick reference for anyone familiar with basic economics, and a compelling introduction for everyone else.

Jim Cox tackles topics ranging from entrepreneurship and inflation to price controls and price gouging. He shows how advertising, speculators, and heroic insider traders all play a crucial role in our world.

To make his ideas clear, Cox dedicates his writing to being as straightforward and brief as possible. With every topic the reader comes away with a better understanding along with a list of further reading so those who are curious to dig deeper will know where to turn to next.

If you only have a few moments to learn economics, this book is essential reading. After reading The Concise Guide to Economics, you’ll be hooked.

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