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Human Nature, Flourishing, and Happiness: Toward a Synthesis of Aristotelianism, Austrian Economics, Positive Psychology, and Ayn Rand’s Objectivism

 Author: Edward Wayne Younkins  Date Published: 2010  File Size: 530.5 KB  Download

The question of what leads to or makes up a flourishing and happy human life has been debated throughout the entire history of political and moral philosophy and, more recently, in the social sciences such as economics1 and positive psychology.2 There have been numerous attempts to define, analyze, and even measure human flourishing and happiness in a wide range of disciplines. This current article presents a tentative plan that conceptualizes a number of pertinent topics, links them together, and integrates them into a framework of human flourishing and happiness. This paper represents an exploratory attempt to construct an understanding from various disciplines (most importantly philosophy) and to integrate them into a systematic whole.

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