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How to Write Fiction: Wrangling with the Written Word

 Author: Winter Trabex  Category: Member Books  Published: 2014  File Size: 238.2 KB  Download

Have you ever wondered how to write fiction, or how to write better fiction? Winter Trabex provides the answers in this book. In her 15 years experience as a writer, publisher and editor, she shares the secrets she has learned along the way.

These include:

  • How to write with an extemporaneous style without the use of an outline.
  • The role of the human brain in writing good fiction.
  • How to make a story read well.
  • How to describe characters and settings.
  • How to manage English grammar for maximum effect.
  • Choosing the correct environment to write.
  • What kind of books to write that will sell in the market.

This book also includes a sample short story, The Wolves at Night in which the author provides a realistic sample of all the kind of fiction she believes work best.

How to Write Fiction is an informative, engaging work intended for writers of all skill levels and all ages, from a beginning writer in middle school to an seasoned writer who makes a living with the craft.

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