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God on Trial

 Author: Richard W. Morris  Category: Member Books  Buy Now

Blasphemy, murder and the Lord don’t mix when religion and reason collide before the jury in court.

University graduate student David Stone publicly challenges Pastor, and unknowingly threatens Pastor and Sister Leah’s lifestyle of crime, corruption, and debauchery. David is arrested for blasphemy and contends the State must first prove the existence of God in front of a jury, in court, using the standard Rules of Evidence. Can the prosecution sustain its burden of proof?

God on Trial is a novel about critical thinking, and challenges readers to ask themselves: What do I know and how do I know it? David contends people should be embarrassed to hold beliefs not based upon evidence and reason, and in the case of religion, beliefs they cannot even define.

God on Trial is not for the faint of heart or the closed of mind.

You will be shocked.

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