Richard W. Morris

Richard W. Morris, a retired lawyer licensed in the United States Supreme Court, two U.S. states (Arizona and California) and the United Kingdom of England and Wales, a member of Mensa, and a former teacher and adjunct professor in economics. He holds the academic degrees of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (B.S.) with a major in economics, Juris Doctor (J.D.), and Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration (Ph.D.). During his half-century in aviation (airline transport pilot, flight and ground instructor licenses), he flew as pilot-in-command (captain) in some 40 countries on four continents.

Dr. Morris began his legal career as a prosecutor in Tucson, Arizona, and San Diego, California, then as criminal defense counsel before placing the focus of his practice on civil matters. His published credits include articles in such diverse periodicals as the San Diego Realtor magazine, San Diego Mensan, American Ostrich, The Arizona Journal, American Atheist, Sun Life Magazine, Playboy, Truth Seeker, Art World News, the Arizona Republic, Secular World, International Liberty, and various editions of Scragged. He was also a columnist for the now defunct Page (Arizona) newspaper, “Page USA.”

Richard coauthored The Art Fraud Virus with Richard W. Stevens. His next book was God on Trial. He is now working on a novel about Abraham Lincoln entitled: If Abe Had Been Honest, and a collection of his poems.

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