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Season 2: The Deadly Isms

The Deadly Isms | S2 Ep 1: Socialism

The Deadly Isms with Matt Kibbe returns for a second season, examining socialism and why it never results in the utopia it promises. Progressive...

Season 1: The Deadly Isms

S1 Ep 1: Up From Totalitarianism

Contrary to popular belief, the political spectrum doesn't go from left to right, it goes from top to bottom. At the bottom are all the authoritarian...

S1 Ep 2: The Descent of Venezuela

An in-depth look at what happened to transform Venezuela from a relatively prosperous nation into a socialist hellhole under Hugo Chávez and Nicolás...

S1 Ep 3: Color-Coded Collectivism

An exploration of Apartheid in South Africa and state-imposed racism, as well as the government's more recent efforts to redistribute private...

S1 Ep 6: From Russia with Blood

Ever wonder why communist protesters show up at rallies with clubs and masks? It's because violence is baked into the philosophy going all the way...

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