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The Virtue of Inequality

The modern pursuit of equality in America has by and large devolved from the virtuous one in generations past into a misguided and immoral pursuit of uniformity.

In Search of Wisdom Among Dictators

When we look at the failures of communism, socialism, fascism, and any form of top-down government planning, there are two common themes that emerge again and again. The first is power, and its tendency to corrupt. The second is the presumption of knowledge by government planners.

Do You Lean Left Or Right?

The closer you look at the political spectrum that we’re all taught, the less sense it makes. Communists on the far left, Nazi fascists on the extreme right—on that scale, it seems like being a “centrist” is merely splitting the difference between different ways to dehumanize people.

Politics In Three Dimensions

It’s a two party system, right? If you don’t support the Republicans, you’re helping the Democrats, and vice versa. On the more extreme ends of the spectrum, you’re either a communist or a fascist. But what if you’re not a communist or a fascist?

S1 Ep 6: From Russia with Blood

Ever wonder why communist protesters show up at rallies with clubs and masks? It's because violence is baked into the philosophy going all the way back to Marx and Engels. Learn about the violent roots of communism on this episode of The Deadly Isms with Matt Kibbe.

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