Last Call | Ep 11 | Social Media Madness

Free the People’s Logan Albright and Mike Feuz talk about the damage social media has done to America’s sanity, and what can be done about it. Unfortunately, a lot of people are turning to the government for more regulation, not realizing that they risk putting their enemies in charge of deciding what can and can’t be said online. The discussion veers from Disney movies to antitrust law.

Last Call is a podcast in which the staff of Free the People discuss current events and dive deep into libertarian philosophy and culture… with booze.

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Logan Albright

Logan Albright is the Head Writer and Sound Engineer at Free the People. He is the author of Our Servants, Our Masters: How Control Masquerades as Assistance. Logan occasionally takes time out from his busy schedule of railing against the evils of government to play the part of musician, amateur novelist, and moustache enthusiast.

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