Why Won’t Anyone Talk About Natural Immunity? | Guest: Rep. Thomas Massie | Ep 141

Matt Kibbe sits down with Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) for a conversation that will surely attract the ire of censors everywhere. Massie explains why public health officials are ignoring the evidence for natural immunity acquired through exposure to COVID-19, why we’ve been repeatedly lied to about the effectiveness of face masks, and the subtle political strategy underlying the Biden administration’s planned vaccine mandates. Is it a conspiracy? Is it a cover-up? Or is everybody in power just incompetent? Watch to find out before this show gets scrubbed from the internet.

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Matt Kibbe

Matt Kibbe is the President and Chief Community Organizer of Free the People. He is a leading advocate for personal, civil and economic liberties. An economist by training, Kibbe is a public policy expert, bestselling author, and political commentator. He also known for his podcast, Kibbe on Liberty.

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