An Inside Look at the Violence in Jerusalem | Guest: Gil Dagan | Ep 123

Matt Kibbe talks to Gil Dagan, Leadership Outreach Coordinator for Students for Liberty in Israel, about the recent riots and rocket strikes in Jerusalem. In this highly charged atmosphere, Gil attempts to give a balanced take from a libertarian perspective about both the historical roots of the conflict and the situation as it exists today. As extremists on both sides continue to escalate and provoke violence for political reasons, ordinary Israelis and Palestinians generally just want to live their lives in peace and freedom.

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Matt Kibbe

Matt Kibbe is the President and Chief Community Organizer of Free the People. He is a leading advocate for personal, civil and economic liberties. An economist by training, Kibbe is a public policy expert, bestselling author, and political commentator. He also known for his podcast, Kibbe on Liberty.

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